Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Heritage Foundation explains why the Chick-Fil-A "controversy" is important to all private business people.

The New York Post has a few words on the government interference of a private business expressing a belief.

Financial concerns are not limited to the federal government, Mercatus Center, explains how states finances will impact the whole country.

More on the debt crisis here.

The Heritage Foundation explains how President Obama is just plain wrong in his thinking that changing the work requirements for Welfare helps citizens.
Investor's Business Daily explains another pitfall President Obama created when he refused to approve the XL Pipeline....fortunately, election day is 98 days away and our ability to change the direction of our country is in our hands.

Another thank you to Judicial Watch.

Brit Hume on former President Clinton's role at the Democratic National Convention....personally I think Hume is spot-on.

Yesterday we mentioned that President Obama's big PR documentary on eliminating the world's most notorious killer most likely won't be released as planned prior to election day, today we learn that he may have called off the raid three times because his aides recommended it.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, July 30, 2012

It is nice to know that the New York Times is finally reporting to the American voters what conservatives have know since Obamacare/tax was passed.  What is surprising is that they are reporting this prior to the November elections.

More negative fallout from Obamacare/tax.

This certainly is not good news for the economy either. 

The President may be running campaign ads that he has reduced debt, but his budget office tells us a different story.

The cost of making purchases with your credit/debit card could be going up....thank Trial Lawyers again for increasing the cost of doing business.

Is he kidding? How will former President Clinton be able to do this with a straight face?

President Obama needs more than President Clinton to make a case for him and his failed policies, Charles Gasparino writes today that we are seriously looking at another recession. 

Thanks to Judicial Watch, it looks like President Obama's self promoting documentary won't be released in time to sway people before the elections. 

Governor Cuomo needs to do more regarding spending in New York State, and the New York Post is correct about the whining, however it is time for Governor Cuomo to remove many of the unnecessary mandates imposed on school districts and localities.

Justice Scalia made major waves yesterday with this announcement!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

The Olympics – always an exciting time. Opening ceremonies are tonight

At the Huffington Post (via The Heritage Foundation), we learn that tonight’s extravaganza will feature “a dance number of nurses celebrating the National Health Service, the country's universal health program.”

If one of these dancers eventually throws out a knee or hip, they could face a long wait for medical care.

Meanwhile we’ve got plenty of competitions going on here at home.

If ruining an economy were an Olympic sport, surely Barack Obama would deserve the gold (despite lots of competition from Europe).
Let’s give the gold medal in pandering to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who’s on the attack against Chick-fil-A (after their gay marriage “controversy”) but embracing the virulently anti-gay Nation of Islam with open arms.
Here’s an overview of Chick-fil-A-gate, in case you missed a detail here or there.
Turns out, the anti-Chick-fil-A liberals are all talk, which makes sense as they have no legal leg to stand on.
Mike Huckabee has declared next Wednesday “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”
Will you be showing your support for Chick-fil-A this week by stopping in for a sandwich or waffle fries?  Let us know in our new Weekly Poll.

The more we know about ObamaCare, the less there is to like.
Today we have some thoughts on Mitt Romney’s overseas excursion. The New York Post feels the trip is off to a good start, while Charles Krauthammer encourages Romney to remember that silence is golden, that actions speak louder than words, etc.
Wherever your travels take you this weekend, I hope you will have a great one!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The mayor of Chicago, and former COS to President Obama wants to ban a business because of their values, yet believes that Mr. Farrakahn can help with the violence Chicago is experiencing...no wonder Chicago is in trouble.

Only 80 percent?

We need a president that truly understands this concept.

We have been saying this for years!

It's time to end funding and hopefully close all planned parenthood offices, yet President Obama continues to fund them.

It should not take the death of a four year old to keep stop and frisk.

Hope and faith in tragedy.

Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is this any record to be proud of Senator Reid? Having technical difficulties, will try to resolve them and be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spending continues to be out of control, jumps $1Trillion for 5th year in a row.  Of course, the main stream media is reporting this fact, I wonder why I can't find it in the MSM. 

We are still learning facts about Obamacare/tax, nothing that makes anyone want to keep this abysmal bill.   More on the "unintended" consequences of Obamacare/tax.  Will your company be one of the companies dropping health insurance coverage?

If you think Solyndra was the only "Green" solar company that went under, you will be surprised that Heritage Foundation has a list of 12 companies that wasted tax payers money.

Sen. Jim DeMint on Dodd-Frank.  Sen.Jim DeMint also has an article on Washington's spending problem.

Pat Buchanan sounds off on President Obama's worship of centralized power.

More on the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Obviously, Mayor Bloomberg, has lost all sense of reality by saying this.

How long will Racino's stick around when taxed so high?  The major problem (besides the risks associated with gambling - a whole other story) is that New York gets used to the revenue and the companies get tired of the outrageous taxes (68%) and take their business where they can get a better profit, leaving a huge deficit  in revenues which taxpayers are forced to pay or they move.  Just remember, New York is down to 27 Congressional Districts, I remember 43 not that long ago.

Michael J. Gaynor likes the idea of Republican/Conservative  women in the U. S. Senate.  Wendy Long calls for a moment of silence to remember the 1972 Munich victims.  If you want to learn more about Wendy Long, read this article in Woman Around Town.  Mrs. Long can win with your help, find out how you can help here.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Official numbers show Wendy Long can add Staten Island to her win column.  Wendy Long is a winner and everyone who hears her speak recognizes that she will have New Yorker's best interest at the forefront when in the U. S. Senate.  Contact her campaign to find out how you can help her win in November.

New York still spends far too much on government programs and isn't doing well in other aspects.  The Heritage Foundation cautions states about the future costs of Medicaid under Obamacare/tax.  New York currently spends more on Medicaid than Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania combined...we can not afford any additional spending for Medicaid and this simple fact must be considered when voting for Congress and Senate in November. Obamacare/tax must be repealed.

Hydrofracking, is it possible in New York?  One newspaper, the Albany Times Union, normally prints every negative article on hydrofracking, frankly, I'm surprised to see this in today's edition.  Could they be seeing the light or just beginning to anticipate the revenues?

Investor's Business Daily debunks President Obama's "Tall Tales" about the Bush Administration....and reminds us of the spending done by the Bush Administration.  Short and to the point, we need fiscal conservatism.

Ari Fleischer examines tax fairness. 

L. Gordon Crovitz on who really invented the Internet, well worth the read in case you have liberal friends who think like President Obama.

Bad news for President Obama:  The Hill's poll says 53% of voters blame president for the economy.

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for bringing this back into the spotlight.  Doesn't President Obama realize that in today's world, it is easy to remind voters of his flip-flops?   Those of us who pay for government programs will remember in November.

Bam's moral myopia. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

The tragic events in Colorado remind us that evil exists and that no matter how many laws we enact, evil will not respect the laws we have to protect our citizens.   Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families affected by the actions of the lunatic who perpetrated this horror.

Already calls are being made to curb our Second Amendment rights, and while we do not know all the facts, this I am certain of, it was not a law-abiding citizen who committed this awful crime.  Beware of those who want to strip us of our rights and beware of those who support the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

Some good news, Penn State may remove Paterno statute this weekend.

Veronique de Rugy restates what we have been saying for years, spending is the problem, even if you raise taxes.

Spending will continue to be government’s biggest problem, but making the wrong spending cuts will eventually be an American problem.  The primary role of our government is to protect its citizens, and if the Defense Department is cut to the bone as planned (not that there isn’t some waste that must be cut) all Americans will be at risk.  Here is a good analysis on what the House passed yesterday in the DOD spending bill.  The Heritage Foundation makes a case for fixing Defense Sequestration without increasing taxes.   

The Foundation also makes the case for ending the Dodd-Frank regulations that are strangling our economy.

I clearly remember the deep recession of 1981-82 and I remember the hope that Ronald Reagan give Americans.  If you don’t recall what President Reagan said back then, Larry Kudlow will help you remember here.

President Reagan understood the American entrepreneurial spirit and celebrated its successes, unlike President Obama who last week stated that those who work extremely long hours and put all their energies into running a small business (I know, because I was one of them for 47 years) owe their success to others.  Surprisingly, he credited government, teachers and a few other abstract items, but never credited parents or families, both of which are essential.  Listen for yourself to what he said.
You can listen here to Charles Krauthammer’s analysis of what President Obama said.   Thomas Sowell is also concerned with the President’s trashing achievements.   Let us know what you think in our weekly poll.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No surprise here (hm, on second thought, President Obama and his team would be surprised) 62% of the public put economic growth ahead of economic fairness.

Even in heavily democratic New York City, small business owners are lashing out at the President's misguided but sincerely held remarks about those who own small businesses. Michael Barone has a few thoughts on President Obama's "dis" of hard working small business owners. This from Guy Benson on how we have not taken President Obama's remarks out of context is worth reading. If you are short on time and can only read one article on this subject, make it this one as Thomas Sowell  tells it as it is in a manner that no one else can. The NY Post Editorial has its say also.

It won't be long before Sen. Schumer introduces a bill that allows only him (and his protegee, Kirsten Gillibrand) to be the only ones who can speak out on subjects because, of course, they are the only ones who know best.

Speaking of Sen. Gillibrand, our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, wants to know when Sen. Gillibrand will renounce her ACORN ties.  Take back New York, help elect Wendy Long.

File this under "do as I say, not as I do".  If you want to know more about Congresswoman Pelosi's financial background pick up the book Throw Them All Out. 

The Heritage Foundation examines outsourcing and more hidden facts in Obamacare/tax.

Anyone who has doubts about stop and frisk, read this.   Stop and frisk saves lives, period.

So does Kendra's law.

Many believe New York is doing better financially.  Read this and then ask yourself if New York is truly in better financial shape. Good advice from Steve Malanga; gambling is not the answer to fiscal problems.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anthony Weiner is not running for elected office....yet, it is good to know that he reads editorials.

Finally, Majority Leader Reid speaks the truth.  We now know why he hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years.

However, Obama spokesman, Lis Smith, is on another planet if he really believes what he is saying here.

Good advice from Michael Gaynor for Mitt Romney.   Maggie Haberman has a piece in Politico on conservative elites disappointment with Romney....but President Obama may have touched a nerve with his comments on small businesses that has ignited a fire in Romney.

Obama transparency? Not enough yet despite the fact that some are trying to make the administration live up to what it promised about transparency.

First he asked people to donate to him instead of giving wedding presents, now this.  President Obama's funding raising is becoming, no it already is, an embarrassment.  He is the leader of the free world, our Commander-in-Chief, and he is acting like a narcissistic, immature school boy who wants you to support his golf games.

Latinos support tax cuts for everyone.

The Heritage Foundation on President Obama's questionable ending welfare reform.

He's right, but at least some have learned with the help of strong conservatives and TEA party support. Now if we could only get the press to understand that if everyone is in the wagon, there is no one to left to push/pull the wagon. Maybe if they listen to the people who pay the bills, they will learn.

Why cities and counties go broke....they anticipate higher returns on investments and lately they are not there.

Not what New Yorkers want to read.

Bob McCarthy, long time political reporter for the Buffalo News,  writes about Wendy Long's visit to Buffalo.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hillary Clinton will go into the record books as the Secretary of State who has traveled to more countries than any other Secretary of State.  No surprise to me, I'm pretty sure that is why she wanted to be SOS, to travel the world on our money. 

What are the democrats in the US Senate drinking?  Sen. Patty Murray, is that Kool-Aid or medicinal  tea, what ever it is, it is distorting your ability to think clearly.  Class warfare is wrong, period!  Sen. Patty Murray and her fellow Senator Gillibrand sell out their constituents to remain in their elected seats and it is time to change course.  We have an opportunity here in New York to elect a woman who will reflect our principles and values, Wendy Long.  Mrs. Long was on Fox News this past Sunday and you can watch the interview here.  Get involved, Wendy Long can with with your help.

I seldom agree with the Huff Post, but I must say, I like this headline and I like what it points out!  Thanks Dan for acknowledging that we are doing our job.

The Heritage Foundation reminds us how important the 2012 elections will be.  They also remind us that it was 32 years ago, today, that Ronald Reagan accepted the Republican nomination at the national convention.  Watch the video to be inspired again and know that America's future is in your hands.

Fresh from his win in defeating L.O.S.T., Sen. Jim DeMint has a new project that he needs your help with.

Mona Charen opines on the misguided attempt to change welfare.  The NY Torch sounds off also.

Disgraced Anthony Weiner does not have any fans in the NY Post Editorial Board or the NY Daily News Editorial Board.  Hopefully the rumors of his running for Mayor will end now.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Seriously, Mr. President?  You are sounding desperate, what do you know about running a small business, in fact, what do you know about running any business?  All I know is that looking at the way you have run my beloved country, you really would never survive as a small business owner, you would be too busy playing golf and vacationing.  Obviously, you are a little lax in making certain your staff/aides are paying their "fair share" of taxes, yet you want to saddle small business owners?   A small business would never do this.

The question is, will President Obama  return the donations?

Why does President Obama want to keep people poor and dependent? Would he totally eliminate Congress in a second term since he has little use for them now and rules by executive order and rewriting laws?

Judicial Watch uncovers data from Census Bureau that will get you upset. 

A Republican Majority Leader would never be allowed to get away with not passing a budget for three years, yet Harry Reid does.Thankfully the NY Post shines the light on his disgraceful lack of responsibility.

Finally!  The Ninth Circuit gets something right. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Barack Obama now claims that his biggest first-term mistake was failing to “tell a story to the American people” about how wonderful he is.
What would the name of that story be? I have a few ideas – you can vote on the one you like best in our new Weekly Poll.
Hats off to Mitt Romney this week for taking the conservative message directly to an unsurprisingly hostile audience at theNAACP convention.
Mitt showed up, but where was Obama?
Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats sense a conspiracy theory – that Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP event for the sole purpose of getting booed in a covert effort to appeal to white racists. It must take a lot of work to come up with ideas this dumb.
Democrats are particularly outraged that Romney sticks to his principles, even in the face of fierce opposition. One activist complained that Romney “had accomplished a ‘calculated political ploy’ by signaling to conservatives that he's willing to tell backers of the health law that he wants to cut it.”

The Democrats, it seems, prefer the “Panderer-in-Chief.”
Even as Romney makes some bold moves on the campaign trail, some feel he’s not being aggressive enough in his bid for the White House. John Podhoretz explains why sometimes in a tough election, less is more.
Adding Dr. Condoleezza Rice to the GOP ticket – the latest rumor in Washington – could be a bold move by the Romney campaign, according toPeggy Noonan.  

Here’s a critique that goes beyond all the talk about “outsourcing” and explains how Obama’s policies today are hurting U.S.businesses and the economy.
Kirsten Gillibrand, the Senator representing Vogue magazine, likes to put on a good show of outrage over outsourcing – but Wendy Long is calling her bluff and pointing out that’s Gillibrand’s liberal policies are what’s forcing businesses overseas in the first place.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Brother has a new name:  Picosecond Programmable Laser.  The science of it fascinates me; the need for it makes me wonder what kind of world have we become. 

Do you understand the logic here:  A Solyndra-linked executive to lead the Pentagon's Advance Tech Agency.

The House will vote right on Obamacare, the Senate will not.  Call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand (202-224-3121 the Senate Switchboard Main Number) and give them the top 5 reasons Obamacare/tax should be repealed.  The Heritage Foundation has the reasons here.   We will not have to call Wendy Long once she is elected to the Senate; Wendy Long will always look out for us, unlike HHS Secretary Sielbus who refuses to,

More on what the Tax Man, aka President Obama, tax hikes on top 2% will do to jobs.  If you watch Fox News, you also know that his proposal would only fund government for 8.5 days.....(another great moment in common sense logic.)   Doesn't he understand that what he has said and done in the past is recorded and will be used to remind voters of his failures?  Seriously, does anyone really believe he only wants to tax the top 2% if earners?

So the NAACP can ask for an ID, but if someone asks for an ID to vote, it is racist.  (I  must be in Wonderland today and my name is  Alice.)

President Obama and VP Biden will certainly find a way to blame Bush for this.

Check out this headline, in a year or less just substitute California for France.

Governor George E. Pataki on the importance of doing what is right for all New Yorkers. 

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams and more from Thomas Sowell. here and here.   Thanks, Dennis Prager, you and Mr. Williams and Mr Sowell, have rescued me from Wonderland.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

President Obama blames tax cuts for slow growth, unfortunately he believes what he says.  For someone so smart, how can he be so dumb on this issue.  More on what the Tax Man, aka President Obama, wants.

The only way to end this is to have a healthy economy.   Corporations that are his buddies may get tax relief, while most businesses get taxed to the extreme.

It's okay for her to invest outside of the US, but not okay for Mitt Romney.

Hold onto your wallet, Amtrack wants to expand. 

Want to cut your electric rates.... read this.  Still not convinced, read this. Then call Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell (more on the All Stars).

Monday, July 9, 2012

The tax man, aka President Obama,  wants you to put him back in office so he can continue to take your money and give it to his buddies.  Between this and Obamacare/tax, people won't be able to find a state they can afford to live in and will start leaving the United States in droves.   Forbes with more insight on Obamacare/tax.  The NY Post spells out the numbers. 

The Heritage Foundation on the possibility of another recession.

But how will they vote? 

We are not only facing a huge increase in taxes, it may cost more to use your credit card soon.  Since when is $3.35 a gallon for gas considered low?

The Heritage Foundation, once again,  reminds us that this Administration needs to be replaced, now the Transportation Secretary wants us to be more like China.

It's just a drop in the bucket, but it is a drop.  We need to elect more fiscal conservatives to Congress, to keep the trend going.

David Keene opines on Fast and Furious.

It isn't the heat that is creating the jump in crime and the NY Post Editorial is reminding the public where the problem is.

Wendy Long, our U. S. Senate candidate, is calling for five debates across New York State.  Wouldn't it be great to have five debates, see Wendy's outline for the debates here.

Thomas Sowell on the All Stars (everyone needs a break from politics once in a while, even Thomas Sowell)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Unfortunately, for all Americans, the job numbers released today, was not good news. Unemployment remains at 8.2% and all indications are that the numbers are trending in the wrong direction. The Heritage Foundation has an excellent chart that shows what President Obama promised Americans in 2009 and where we are today. The news is only going to get worse as recent college graduates are unable to find jobs, we must take the uncertainty out of the job market and encourage free market principles to prevail. After three and a half years of trying to fix the economy, Alan Kreuger, chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, said today “there are no quick fixes to the problems”. To which we ask, what was the purpose of the taxpayer -funded stimulus? Our debt is out of control due to uncalled for spending and the answer is there are no quick fixes, but give us another four years and we may be able to fix the problems.

The government intervention and takeover of General Motors gives us insight as to how the current administration “fixes” the economy and frankly, their plan has harmed American taxpayers.

When the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is really the largest tax increase ever in America, and the Obama Administration continues to deny that fact, nothing was done to end the uncertainty of actual implication of the plan and the eventual cost to businesses, thereby extending uncertainty and stifling any job creation. Since 2008, fewer adults are getting health insurance through their employers and this is before full implementation of Obamacare/tax.

The “War on Women” seems to be taking its toll on women working as there are 780,000 fewer women working today than in 2008, but the mainstream media does not mention that fact.

Many issues will be front and center in November’s elections. Our weekly poll wants to know which issue you believe to be the one that will influence your vote.

Charles Krauthammer reminds us that the Supreme Court did have a good decision last week; unfortunately, we do not believe it will end sanctuary cities as evidenced by what California is planning.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, is speaking my kind of language. In addition, lest we forget, Ronald Reagan always spoke our language; back in 1961, he spoke out against socialized medicine and it would be well worth listening to him today, truly a man who understood our Republic. Listen to him here and take his advice, forty years later it is even more imperative than when first spoken.

Conservative/Republican US Senate Candidate, Wendy Long, shows the same wisdom and understanding that Ronald Reagan did, and will certainly make a strong difference when in the United States Senate when she is elected in November.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heather McDonald reminds everyone that federal transfers are not free money.  Every reader, should forward this link to their family and friends and ask them to forward to others to remind them there is no such thing as a free lunch, someone, most likely you, is paying for it.

The New York Sun gives good advice as to how we proceed with Obamacare's dismantling. 

The Heritage Foundation writes that the Obama Administration admits that you can't keep your health plan
But they still will not admit it is a tax.

The forgotten but most important segment of Obamacare.

Steve Malanga sounds off on the SCOTUS decision.

The Orange County Register had an excellent editorial yesterday.

The Heritage Foundation gives us more good news from the Gov. Walker Administration.

The New York Post says  "Dodge City Beckons".

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams...(didn't want you to miss the column.) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not again.   New York City Comptroller, John Liu, is in hot water again.

Religious Liberty Victory for NYC Churches.

George J. Marlin says more government hiring is not the answer.

Public Authorities, one of the reasons New York will take a very long time to decrease its taxes.

How come everyone was up in arms when a hammer and other items were purchased at an inflated rate, but this is okay

Another list that shows how much families will be paying for Obamacare while the President continues to "beg" for your contributions.  A tax, is a tax, is a tax.

Government is far too often an oxymoron.

The Heritage Foundation on energy revolution, and how energy development helps households.
Don't tell the anti-frackers this until Thursday, you wouldn't want to spoil their Bar-B-Ques.

What does this number 8,733, 461 represent?

Someone please tell me what California State Sen. Mark Leno is thinking.

Dartmouth writes about two of its graduates, while Wendy Long continues to ask Sen. Gillibrand questions that it appears she is unwilling to answer.

The esteemed Thomas Sowell is not very happy with Justice Roberts.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Happy Birthday America! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

The fallout from the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare continues and mot likely will for quite some time.  We may never know if Chief Justice Roberts changed his decision and we may never know if Justice Kagan violated judicial ethics, we do, however, know that we must live with the decision and we can overturn Obamacare by electing Wendy Long and other like minded US Senators to take back the Senate and we must elect conservative minded Members to the House along with Mitt Romney who has stated unequivocally that he will sign legislation repealing Obamacare. 

If you have any doubts that it must be repealed, look at this chart.  17 new taxes and penalties and many doctors who will either leave medicine or cater to those who can afford their fees.  WSJ writes about the vast new taxing power created with Obamacare.  And the "rich" won't be the only ones paying the new taxes and penalties.

With all the news on Obamacare, you may have missed that the White House is doing its best to keep the unemployment figures down.

President Obama has been working hard on fundraising, (of course, he is the only President that has gone gray,)  so hard in fact that he now needs a week off!

Is this our future?

Good news:  the majority of high school students remain abstinent.

More on Wendy Long's great primary win here and here

Well Senator Gillibrand, when will you answer Wendy Long's question?