Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

The Olympics – always an exciting time. Opening ceremonies are tonight

At the Huffington Post (via The Heritage Foundation), we learn that tonight’s extravaganza will feature “a dance number of nurses celebrating the National Health Service, the country's universal health program.”

If one of these dancers eventually throws out a knee or hip, they could face a long wait for medical care.

Meanwhile we’ve got plenty of competitions going on here at home.

If ruining an economy were an Olympic sport, surely Barack Obama would deserve the gold (despite lots of competition from Europe).
Let’s give the gold medal in pandering to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who’s on the attack against Chick-fil-A (after their gay marriage “controversy”) but embracing the virulently anti-gay Nation of Islam with open arms.
Here’s an overview of Chick-fil-A-gate, in case you missed a detail here or there.
Turns out, the anti-Chick-fil-A liberals are all talk, which makes sense as they have no legal leg to stand on.
Mike Huckabee has declared next Wednesday “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”
Will you be showing your support for Chick-fil-A this week by stopping in for a sandwich or waffle fries?  Let us know in our new Weekly Poll.

The more we know about ObamaCare, the less there is to like.
Today we have some thoughts on Mitt Romney’s overseas excursion. The New York Post feels the trip is off to a good start, while Charles Krauthammer encourages Romney to remember that silence is golden, that actions speak louder than words, etc.
Wherever your travels take you this weekend, I hope you will have a great one!

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