Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hillary Clinton will go into the record books as the Secretary of State who has traveled to more countries than any other Secretary of State.  No surprise to me, I'm pretty sure that is why she wanted to be SOS, to travel the world on our money. 

What are the democrats in the US Senate drinking?  Sen. Patty Murray, is that Kool-Aid or medicinal  tea, what ever it is, it is distorting your ability to think clearly.  Class warfare is wrong, period!  Sen. Patty Murray and her fellow Senator Gillibrand sell out their constituents to remain in their elected seats and it is time to change course.  We have an opportunity here in New York to elect a woman who will reflect our principles and values, Wendy Long.  Mrs. Long was on Fox News this past Sunday and you can watch the interview here.  Get involved, Wendy Long can with with your help.

I seldom agree with the Huff Post, but I must say, I like this headline and I like what it points out!  Thanks Dan for acknowledging that we are doing our job.

The Heritage Foundation reminds us how important the 2012 elections will be.  They also remind us that it was 32 years ago, today, that Ronald Reagan accepted the Republican nomination at the national convention.  Watch the video to be inspired again and know that America's future is in your hands.

Fresh from his win in defeating L.O.S.T., Sen. Jim DeMint has a new project that he needs your help with.

Mona Charen opines on the misguided attempt to change welfare.  The NY Torch sounds off also.

Disgraced Anthony Weiner does not have any fans in the NY Post Editorial Board or the NY Daily News Editorial Board.  Hopefully the rumors of his running for Mayor will end now.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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