Monday, July 30, 2012

It is nice to know that the New York Times is finally reporting to the American voters what conservatives have know since Obamacare/tax was passed.  What is surprising is that they are reporting this prior to the November elections.

More negative fallout from Obamacare/tax.

This certainly is not good news for the economy either. 

The President may be running campaign ads that he has reduced debt, but his budget office tells us a different story.

The cost of making purchases with your credit/debit card could be going up....thank Trial Lawyers again for increasing the cost of doing business.

Is he kidding? How will former President Clinton be able to do this with a straight face?

President Obama needs more than President Clinton to make a case for him and his failed policies, Charles Gasparino writes today that we are seriously looking at another recession. 

Thanks to Judicial Watch, it looks like President Obama's self promoting documentary won't be released in time to sway people before the elections. 

Governor Cuomo needs to do more regarding spending in New York State, and the New York Post is correct about the whining, however it is time for Governor Cuomo to remove many of the unnecessary mandates imposed on school districts and localities.

Justice Scalia made major waves yesterday with this announcement!

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