Monday, July 23, 2012

Official numbers show Wendy Long can add Staten Island to her win column.  Wendy Long is a winner and everyone who hears her speak recognizes that she will have New Yorker's best interest at the forefront when in the U. S. Senate.  Contact her campaign to find out how you can help her win in November.

New York still spends far too much on government programs and isn't doing well in other aspects.  The Heritage Foundation cautions states about the future costs of Medicaid under Obamacare/tax.  New York currently spends more on Medicaid than Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania combined...we can not afford any additional spending for Medicaid and this simple fact must be considered when voting for Congress and Senate in November. Obamacare/tax must be repealed.

Hydrofracking, is it possible in New York?  One newspaper, the Albany Times Union, normally prints every negative article on hydrofracking, frankly, I'm surprised to see this in today's edition.  Could they be seeing the light or just beginning to anticipate the revenues?

Investor's Business Daily debunks President Obama's "Tall Tales" about the Bush Administration....and reminds us of the spending done by the Bush Administration.  Short and to the point, we need fiscal conservatism.

Ari Fleischer examines tax fairness. 

L. Gordon Crovitz on who really invented the Internet, well worth the read in case you have liberal friends who think like President Obama.

Bad news for President Obama:  The Hill's poll says 53% of voters blame president for the economy.

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for bringing this back into the spotlight.  Doesn't President Obama realize that in today's world, it is easy to remind voters of his flip-flops?   Those of us who pay for government programs will remember in November.

Bam's moral myopia. 

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