Monday, July 16, 2012

Seriously, Mr. President?  You are sounding desperate, what do you know about running a small business, in fact, what do you know about running any business?  All I know is that looking at the way you have run my beloved country, you really would never survive as a small business owner, you would be too busy playing golf and vacationing.  Obviously, you are a little lax in making certain your staff/aides are paying their "fair share" of taxes, yet you want to saddle small business owners?   A small business would never do this.

The question is, will President Obama  return the donations?

Why does President Obama want to keep people poor and dependent? Would he totally eliminate Congress in a second term since he has little use for them now and rules by executive order and rewriting laws?

Judicial Watch uncovers data from Census Bureau that will get you upset. 

A Republican Majority Leader would never be allowed to get away with not passing a budget for three years, yet Harry Reid does.Thankfully the NY Post shines the light on his disgraceful lack of responsibility.

Finally!  The Ninth Circuit gets something right. 

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