Monday, April 30, 2012

VP Joe Biden has given us some extreme remarks in his career as VP, but his boss, President Obama may have topped him with this one.

Everyone likes a person with a sense of humor, however, this is a little lowbrow for a President. What Bernie Goldberg thinks of a president being cool is here.

This from an "expert" on anti-bullying?

Must be an election year since he is gone rather quickly. When will Holder be forced to resign??

In 1990, the Social Security Trustee Report indicated the program would be exhausted by 2057, last weeks report indicated it would be broke by 2033. Benefits may have to be slashed by 25% unless some reform is undertaken. Read more here.

If your liberal friends can't visualize just how deeply the US is in debt, have them check out the Heritage Foundation charts. Maybe you could/should print them out and hand them to your family, friends and co-workers right around election day.

Tepid growth in our economy will not help our debt nor our Social Security problems.

While Michael Goodwin writes about big and bigger government in NYC, the truth is his column could be written about almost any city or state in the nation.

The NY Post deserves kudos for this.

Of course, this NY Post Editorial is good for our Party.

Thank you PepisCo.

Our candidate for U. S. Senate, Wendy Long, makes the news in Staten Island.

Thomas Sowell's part 2 of "Who Is 'Racist'?"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

“This is the biggest job in the world,” House Speaker John Boehner said this week, “and I’ve never seen a president make it smaller.”
Have truer words ever been spoken? Obama’s antics this week prove how uniquely unqualified he is for the highest office in the land.

Here is Obama trying to dupe college students by attacking members of Congress by name and misquoting them, all while trying to win their votes through a program that will (like almost any Obama program) hit taxpayers with a huge bill.  

And on top of that, taxpayers are being forced to bankroll this campus campaign swing.

The message to the government Obama runs? Do whatever youwant, whenever you want on the taxpayers’ dime. (To wit: Colombian prostitutes, lavish Las Vegas parties, etc.)

While he’s serving as Campaigner-in-Chief and sticking taxpayers with the bill, Obama’s underlings are out and about bragging about their “general philosophy” towards business and industry: “crucify them.”

Meanwhile Obama makes a mockery of the people who are trulybeing crucified in Syria by promising boards, committees, task forces, “international cooperation” controlled by Russia and China... whatever it takes to give the appearance that Obama is capable of doing something.

It seems that the only thing Obama does well is wrecking theeconomy.

And he’s had well over three years to show true leadership in reforming Social Security – which according to this week’s Trustees’ Report is now expected to run out of funds three years earlier than expected – and Medicare, which faces a long-term debt of about $37 trillion.

What have the Obama years given us? “Abject failure.
How concerned are you over the future of Social Security and Medicare? Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Did he apologize for what he said, or just the fact that he used the word "crucify"? The EPA never apologizes for using a heavy hand, in fact, they will still continue their "effective" enforcement. More on the EPA's assault on energy here.

VP Biden said this about his bosses foreign policy, but maybe it was a Freudian slip and not limited to foreign policy.

The Rest of the Story on Student Loans or what President Obama refuses to tell you. More on the impact of what the President wants to do you the taxpayer.

Public Sector Unions bring back Tammany Hall.

The Heritage Foundation gives us background on CISPA which according to the Foundation is the key to ensuring America's cyber security.

New York's Court of Appeals hears arguments by the Senate Democrats who are opposed to the 63rd Senate District today.

What is Governor Cuomo waiting for? New Yorker's need jobs!

About that raise we wrote about yesterday, he won't be getting it!

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, calls for common-sense revamping of the TSA.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The NY Post questions President Obama's commitment to standing up to evil.
Also in the NY Post, Michael Goodwin opines on President Obama's constant campaigning with little interest in governing.

President Obama doesn't like to govern, but he certainly does like spending our money....

Corzine: Obama's Tainted Bundler.

What is next, the Labor Department telling children they don't have to do any chores? File this under "government out of control"!

What is the Senate Thinking?

Over in the House, Congressman Paul Ryan is doing his best for our Republic.

The American Enterprise Institute writes about the stubbornest tax.

More on raising the minimum wage from Heritage Foundation.

The latest on the Supreme Court and Arizona's Immigration law here, here and here.

Dennis Prager on Why America is Still the Best Hope.

John Lott on the Castle Doctrine.

Your NYS tax dollars working long hours for you.... 25 hours per week! Don't you wish your work week was only 25 hours.

The viral video: If I wanted America to Fail.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Heritage Foundation asks the question "do you know what the Constitution really means", I can't help but wonder how Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi would answer the question.

Mr. President, why did you miss the vote on 2007, yet you want to keep the student loan rate at its current 3.4% now. (The things people do to be elected....) BTW, we agree with the Heritage Foundation that your administration is overreaching into the student loan industry causing more problems. Rather sad that you have to ask for a response from students.

Hope you are not depending on Social Security for your golden years.

Finally, James Lovelock admits he was an "alarmist" on global changes.

We can sleep better tonight knowing the "war on terror" is over. Why is it that I don't feel any safer? Can the Obama Administration really be that naive to believe that the Brotherhood have changed their stripes?

Then again, maybe I'm selling President Obama short, after all he is the smartest person in the room.

It is up to the Legislature to change NYC's rent laws, but unfortunately, we doubt it will happen soon. The result of their keeping outdated laws is explained here.

The NY Post Editorial page is right again.

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, wants to debate her that will be a good debate!

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The NY Times has a very interesting article, Shift on Executive Power Lets Obama Bypass Rivals, a fair analysis of how many presidents write executive orders to accomplish their goals when Congress won't pass the legislation they have called for. What is important to understand, from this article, is what happens when the ability to do so is abused. Remember what President Obama said about having more flexibility after his reelection. He is already showing signs of abusing what an executive order should accomplish, think of what could happen if he is reelected.

What is going on with the Medicare Advantage Program? More here.

The Washington Times wants to know Where is the Recovery and the Heritage Foundation opines on the Bloated Government of America.

Nicole Gelinas on NY's next peril.

Governor Cuomo, didn't you learn anything from the failed solar energy companies and the loss of billions of tax payers money?

CATO has a report on the American Welfare State: How we spend $1 trillion a year fighting poverty and fail.

Wendy Long, running in the Republican primary for US Senate, explains how financial regulation is hurting NY. Michael Gaynor's take on what Wendy Long has to say about the Dodd-Frank reforms. Wendy's remarks gets the attention of

Wendy Long calls on Senator Gillibrand to acknowledge that her vote for the tax on medical devices should be repealed.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week makes you wonder...

Why do Shelly Silver, Dean Skelos, Andrew Cuomo and the New York liberals want to undermine working New Yorkers? That’s exactly what they’re doing with a new push to raise the minimum wage.

And why does the Left want to saddle our state with a flawed, ineffective program of public (let’s not forget, that means TAXPAYER) financed political campaigns?
Another question: Why is President Obama so dead-set on attacking successful Americans and punishing them with higher taxes? (Free answer: That’s what his leftist “base” wants to hear. For them, it’s 1936 allover again.)
Does Chuck Schumer’s “class warfare” hypocrisy know no bounds? 

Finally: Why should taxpayers be expected to pay higher taxes and fork over even more of their hard-earned money just so it can be wasted and abused by “government gone wild” in Washington?

President Obama has talked endlessly about using a scalpel and not a machete” to cut spending and rein in deficits – but given the “new culture of irresponsibility” we’re seeing in Washington, I’m thinking even the scalpel has somehow disappeared. Where do you think it might be? Have some fun giving your opinion in our new Weekly Poll.

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How can the President of the United States say this? We don't remember how America was built?
We certainly do! The people of this great nation worked hard, used their imagination, created dreams without depending on government! We the People, Mr. President, without government handouts! Mrs. POTUS is correct about one thing, this election is about decades to come and we will remember this in November, but Mrs. POTUS is reminding us, once again, that President Obama will have more flexibility after the elections since he can't seek a third term....or will he try to change that as well?

Nanny City! Mayor Bloomberg, out of control in trying to control people's personal choices in their home.

Slippery Slope out of control. What a pathetic statement on how low society has thing the people in the audience actually support this woman who calls herself a mother.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How long can Sen. Harry Reid continue to punt on Senate Budget Bill? As of today, it has been 1,086 days! What would the MSM be saying if Sen. Mitch McConnell was the Majority Leader, we all know they would be calling for his resignation, but the other darling of MSM (Reid) gets absolutely no pressure. If George W. Bush was still the President, you can just imagine what the NY Times Editorial Board would be writing.

The Heritage Foundation explains why George W. Bush is not responsible for today's debt crisis.
They (Heritage Foundation) also take President Obama to task on his new scapegoat for increasing gas prices.

Meet the $5 Trillion Man -- President Obama.

Back to the "can not pass a budget" Senate, they actually voted on a bill to expand the IRS's powers to allow the taxing agency to take your passport on mere suspicion of not paying your taxes. Read the article here, then contact your Congressman and let them know they must reject this assault on our constitution!

Sen. Reid lectures Congressman Mica on GSA hearings. And just to add insult to injury the Bill Senator Reid is demanding to be passed by the House is the one noted above.

More on the tax man coming for more of your money. Cut the spending and waste and you won't need more of our money!! We have an idea, eliminate the GSA, and save $45 billion annually.

Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, endorsed by Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro.

Things you should know about the plight of people earning the minimum wage.

Historic Hooey!

Keep taxpayers dollars out of campaigns.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In February 2009, President Obama slams Las Vegas by being critical of junkets made to Las Vegas after promising in 2008 to help Las Vegas. In 2009, Senator Harry Reid began his campaign to allow government conferences in Las Vegas. In 2012, taxpayers learn what it has cost them in money and embarrassing situations -- a GSA official pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Senator Reid's legacy: the laziest Senate in 20 years!

Why wait a year?

More fallout regarding the Solyndra saga.

President Obama just doesn't get it or worse he truly believes this will help -- which it won't.
Tax Day and the Heritage Foundation gives us a look into the future and to be honest it isn't very encouraging. This is mild compared to what is coming. And that is just the federal level, here in New York we will be also feel the pinch of the taxman, thanks to Governor Cuomo.

The Buffett Rule and the vote, and what, Wendy Long, your next US Senator from NY thinks.

Michael J. Gaynor writes more about our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, and her credentials.

Fourteen years ago he won the lottery -- $1000 per week for life -- thanks to state role backs and lenient rules in applications for social programs, you were giving him Medicaid, HEAP and emergency cash assistance right here in New York State for seven months! What is also mind boggling is that Safeguards did not expose this travesty, it was anonymous tip.

Russell Sykes on the coming of CuomoCare! From Friday's NY Post Editorial Page:
A Royal Decree.

Were the NYS Senate Democrats for sale?

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Heritage Foundation writes about Tax gimmicks and Tax doom, obviously an issue that our US Senate Candidate, Wendy Long, understands. How unfortunate for New Yorkers to be represented currently by a Senator who does not. You can change that in November! Get involved in the campaign to elect Wendy Long.

More on the dangers of raising taxes on investment income from the Manhattan Institute.

Soon you may see your tax dollars hard at work in Kenya!

You not only pay VP Biden a salary, you also paid him $20,900 in rental income to have the Secret Service protect him.

Timothy Geithner back in the news saying how Obama's policies are extremely successful! And what planet has he been on lately or maybe just drinking too much Kool-Aid? Seriously, how can he even say that with a straight face with unemployment so high? Here's another gem from Geithner: The economy can handle higher gas prices.

Here is another glimpse of President Obama's flexibility in his second term.

Former Democratic Congressman Kennedy alleges "Quid Pro Quo" for access to White House.
Hmmm, we asked the question last week if articles on George Clooney's visit to the White House and promise to host a fundraiser for President Obama should be filed under "Quid Pro Quo". Interesting.

City & State writes about the Conservative Party's influence. And some accomplishments.

Vote your values!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

“Gov. Cuomo and Mr. Hyde?” The New York Post takes a look at the two sides of Andrew Cuomo on display this week.

Meanwhile Wendy Long, a principled conservative running for the U.S. Senate, picks up a key endorsement.

There’s really only one side to Barack Obama – he’s a left-wing politician through and through, pushing “free lunch egalitarianism” as Charles Krauthammer puts it.

And Obama has the gall to (very selectively) quote President Ronald Reagan in defending his plans for massive tax hikes. The Weekly Standard has the details about what Reagan actually said.

The “Mommy Wars” continue to rage. The Washington Times sees the Democrats’ attack on Ann Romney as a sign of desperation. Meanwhile there are calls for a cease-fire...

Now on to real wars... North Korea humiliated itself with a failed missile launch... which gave us “a sorry display of feebleness” from the Obama Administration.

And then we have the Obama Administration’s feeble energy policies and lame excuses about why gas prices are so high.

Now that Mitt Romney seems to have locked up the GOP presidential nomination, which of these issues (or others) will be most important to you as we follow the 2012 presidential campaign? Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Heritage Foundation warns us of a bill in the Senate that seeks to tax Internet purchases. Unfortunately it has some RINO's as sponsors. As Heritage Foundation points out, this bill will only serve to keep money flowing into bloated budgets and not force states to cut spending.

Governor Cuomo issues Executive Order to create "health exchanges" in New York. A really bad deal for New Yorkers. Governor states in press release that it will be "entirely financed for by the federal government".... well, Governor Cuomo, just how does the federal government get its money? It takes if from us, does not give us a choice, just takes it!!! As we have said all this week, government agencies are not efficient, wastes our money (easy to do when you just take it), have unreasonable "perks", and creates an entitlement society. Well if everyone is entitled to everything....who will pay? Ask residents of Greece and the other European Countries that have gone overboard with entitlements. We won't even ask what will happen (to the health exchange) when Obamacare is struck down.....

E. J. McMahon writes about NY's complicated tax requirements and impending changes.

This coalition wants to raise you taxes and unfortunately they way they will use every trick in the book to try and sell campaign financing. They want public financing of campaigns...they want your tax dollars to go to people you may not support! They are balking at the continued use of their own money to get their friends elected and now they want you to pay for their left wing ideals. Don't be fooled into giving up more of your money. Publically funded campaigns use TAX dollars taken from you.

Why does President Obama pay women who work in the White House less than men when that is not the public message he sends.

If you want to have jobs available for young people, why would you raise the minimum wage? American Enterprise Institute explains why raising the minimum wage is maximum stupidity.

Conservative Party US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, wants to know if Senator Gillbrand will denounce Hillary Rosen's (unprovoked) attack on Ann Romney?

Ken Blackwell on Stand Your Ground laws.

More on the Buffett Rule posted in Red State.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As the day for filing tax returns approaches, the Administration calls for more taxes! Obviously they did not look at this chart. It seems to me that the only reason they want to enact a "Buffett Tax" is that they will use that to enact a greater amount on the middle class soon thereafter to continue to destroy the American Dream. Government programs did not make America the greatest nation in the world, economic freedom and individual liberties did. Mr. President stop lying to Americans, stop twisting the truth to play on people's fears, but most of all, stop the entitlement mentality you embrace.

What happened to the scalpel you were going to use to cut the budget? Two years into your administration is this is just one of the items your scalpel missed, if you even bothered to look since you have been on a huge spending spree.

Looks like the campaign will be waged Chicago style.

Since we "don't understand" Obama, Harvard will be teaching a class on how to understand the President.

Another Government agency trying to fix a major mistake it created. I just do not understand why so many people want government agencies to control everything when there are constant problems do to the size and scope of government.

Utah's Dept of Health hacked, personal information compromised.

New York's election fraud case in Troy, NY makes the national news and not a good news way.

NY's AG Eric Schneiderman set to review the NYPD's policies that keep us safe. Will he really let politics trump the public good?

This is controversial art? It really is sad that the art shocked some.

More from Michael Gaynor on our US Senate candidate Wendy Long.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Every study regarding the cost of Obamacare lets us know in no uncertain terms that it will cost far more than we have been told. No surprise there as every government run agency always spends more than anticipated, yet some Americans continue to believe the pie-in-the-sky projections. If you know them, show them this chart.

One just cannot make these things up: Another government agency with serious problems.

If I remember right, George Clooney, had dinner at the White House's State Dinner for Prime Minister David Cameron on March 15, (was arrested the next day for peaceful protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.) and now he will host a $40,000 per for President Obama at his LA home. Should I file this under quid pro quo?

The Heritage Foundation asks the question: What should Americans do in a Saudi oil crisis?

Union members depending on all those negotiated entitlements should read this.

Breaking: Rick Santorum suspending campaign.

And now the good news, Millennials turn rightward.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, April 9, 2012

We hope you all had a Joyous Easter and Passover weekend. Here are some articles you may have missed while spending time with your family.

Renew America has an article by Michael Gaynor titled: President Obama should have Wendy Long teach him proper role of judges. Of course, he is right! Our US Senate candidate could teach President Obama many things about the proper role of judges and many extremely important parts of our US Constitution. RedState politics, a national blog site, gives some insight on the US Senate race. The NY Sun writes that President Obama has a Court-Packing Plan, all the more reason to have as our US Senator, a woman who truly understands and defends our Constitution!

Obama vs. SCOTUS by Charles Krauthammer. More from Michael Goodwin on President Obama's arrogance.

WH Press Secretary, Jay Carney, telling us we are too dumb to understand the President.

Ignore Conservative ideas at your own peril.

Someone please explain why the liberal/progressive left are opposed to voter ID laws when they won't even let you into their buildings without an ID. More on voter ID laws from John Fund.
The NY Post opines on the same subject. AG Holder, your response to this?

Department of Energy: Out of Control! If you doubt that, read this, this and this.

Check out this chart on Obamacare. And don't forget the $500M to IRS.

Governor Andrew Cuomo likes to hire legislators for his cabinet.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

The past few days haven’t been great for President Obama. In fact Commentary calls this “The Week Obama Jumped the Shark.” (Not familiar with that saying? Here is a quick explanation.)

Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan...

...and we saw this week that he’s not much of a constitutional scholar, either.

Obama’s campaign against the courts is the latest “political football” according to Fox News. What do you think about the President’s comments? Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

Chuck Schumer is breaking out the scare tactics and continuing his blind devotion to ObamaCare.

We learned earlier this week that the U.S. is now home to some of the world’s highest taxes – and the situation is only going to get worse if President Obama lets the 2001/2003 tax cuts expire at the end of this year.

Grover Norquist calls this “The Tax Hike Election.”

Another week, another “green” meltdown.

There might be some hope for New York’s schools and kids with the launch of StudentsFirstNY...

Have a great weekend!