Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Former Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Pelosi, is drinking the Kool-Aid distributed by President Obama regarding Obamacare stating they wrote the bill in an ironclad way. Remember she also told us we will know what is in it after it is passed. Here is more of what is in the bill, and quite honestly, Ms. Pelosi, we don't like this at all. Link
President Obama is sounding a little desperate lately.

The Man Who Knew Too Little.

We all understand why President Obama is not supportive of Congressman Ryan's budget, but we certainly do not understand why he is not critical of Senator Reid's refusal to pass any budget since April 29, 2009! The Heritage Foundation asks the question: Where is the President's solution to the fiscal crisis. (Certainly not his budget that went down 414-0)

This Judge understands. Kudos to him.

The Perils of Cuomo's Medicaid Reform.

More problems with NY's Health Exchange Executive Order?

Bonus Thomas Sowell column.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

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