Thursday, April 19, 2012

How can the President of the United States say this? We don't remember how America was built?
We certainly do! The people of this great nation worked hard, used their imagination, created dreams without depending on government! We the People, Mr. President, without government handouts! Mrs. POTUS is correct about one thing, this election is about decades to come and we will remember this in November, but Mrs. POTUS is reminding us, once again, that President Obama will have more flexibility after the elections since he can't seek a third term....or will he try to change that as well?

Nanny City! Mayor Bloomberg, out of control in trying to control people's personal choices in their home.

Slippery Slope out of control. What a pathetic statement on how low society has thing the people in the audience actually support this woman who calls herself a mother.

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