Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In February 2009, President Obama slams Las Vegas by being critical of junkets made to Las Vegas after promising in 2008 to help Las Vegas. In 2009, Senator Harry Reid began his campaign to allow government conferences in Las Vegas. In 2012, taxpayers learn what it has cost them in money and embarrassing situations -- a GSA official pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Senator Reid's legacy: the laziest Senate in 20 years!

Why wait a year?

More fallout regarding the Solyndra saga.

President Obama just doesn't get it or worse he truly believes this will help -- which it won't.
Tax Day and the Heritage Foundation gives us a look into the future and to be honest it isn't very encouraging. This is mild compared to what is coming. And that is just the federal level, here in New York we will be also feel the pinch of the taxman, thanks to Governor Cuomo.

The Buffett Rule and the vote, and what, Wendy Long, your next US Senator from NY thinks.

Michael J. Gaynor writes more about our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, and her credentials.

Fourteen years ago he won the lottery -- $1000 per week for life -- thanks to state role backs and lenient rules in applications for social programs, you were giving him Medicaid, HEAP and emergency cash assistance right here in New York State for seven months! What is also mind boggling is that Safeguards did not expose this travesty, it was anonymous tip.

Russell Sykes on the coming of CuomoCare! From Friday's NY Post Editorial Page:
A Royal Decree.

Were the NYS Senate Democrats for sale?

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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