Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The NY Post questions President Obama's commitment to standing up to evil.
Also in the NY Post, Michael Goodwin opines on President Obama's constant campaigning with little interest in governing.

President Obama doesn't like to govern, but he certainly does like spending our money....

Corzine: Obama's Tainted Bundler.

What is next, the Labor Department telling children they don't have to do any chores? File this under "government out of control"!

What is the Senate Thinking?

Over in the House, Congressman Paul Ryan is doing his best for our Republic.

The American Enterprise Institute writes about the stubbornest tax.

More on raising the minimum wage from Heritage Foundation.

The latest on the Supreme Court and Arizona's Immigration law here, here and here.

Dennis Prager on Why America is Still the Best Hope.

John Lott on the Castle Doctrine.

Your NYS tax dollars working long hours for you.... 25 hours per week! Don't you wish your work week was only 25 hours.

The viral video: If I wanted America to Fail.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

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