Monday, April 2, 2012

America has the highest corporate taxes in the world, when will we come to our senses and reduce them?

How the Left wields its political intimidation.

Interesting chart from the Heritage Foundation on if you will truly be able to keep your healthcare if Obamacare is upheld. The Foundation also lets us know the Left is distorting facts, once again, this time in income inequity.

What is Bill Ayers saying lately? At least he is honest about what he hopes to accomplish, do you think his goals are part of President Obama's future flexibility? The NY Post shares our concerns with President Obama's flexibility. Don't forget to vote in our poll.

President Obama is changing the history of America at a fundraiser that included University of Vermont students. News Flash, Mr. President: America's greatest moments have been achieved without government intervention. You may fool college students who are subjected to revisionist history, but you do not fool educated people....people who read and truly study our history and do not limit themselves to the propaganda from leftist professors. His professors and friends (Bill Ayers) unfortunately, for us, have made him a true believer that government made this country great. Again, Mr. President, people made this country great, study what we have accomplished in just 236 years as compared to the what the rest of the world has accomplished in the same amount of time.

Larry Kudlow corrects the incorrect facts President Obama uses to bash oil and gas companies.

Tax free clothing and shoes (under $110) is back! New York City eliminated its sales tax on the same items, but those outside of NYC are still paying the local tax of 4%. Upstate, cut spending and do the right thing for your constituents.

Another case for the complete,absolute elimination of member items. Are you listening Speaker Silver?

Hydrofracking bans are working through the court system...the question becomes will they be settled by law or activist judges.

Michael J. Gaynor, Dartmouth, and Conservative US Senate candidate Wendy Long.

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