Monday, April 9, 2012

We hope you all had a Joyous Easter and Passover weekend. Here are some articles you may have missed while spending time with your family.

Renew America has an article by Michael Gaynor titled: President Obama should have Wendy Long teach him proper role of judges. Of course, he is right! Our US Senate candidate could teach President Obama many things about the proper role of judges and many extremely important parts of our US Constitution. RedState politics, a national blog site, gives some insight on the US Senate race. The NY Sun writes that President Obama has a Court-Packing Plan, all the more reason to have as our US Senator, a woman who truly understands and defends our Constitution!

Obama vs. SCOTUS by Charles Krauthammer. More from Michael Goodwin on President Obama's arrogance.

WH Press Secretary, Jay Carney, telling us we are too dumb to understand the President.

Ignore Conservative ideas at your own peril.

Someone please explain why the liberal/progressive left are opposed to voter ID laws when they won't even let you into their buildings without an ID. More on voter ID laws from John Fund.
The NY Post opines on the same subject. AG Holder, your response to this?

Department of Energy: Out of Control! If you doubt that, read this, this and this.

Check out this chart on Obamacare. And don't forget the $500M to IRS.

Governor Andrew Cuomo likes to hire legislators for his cabinet.

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