Monday, April 16, 2012

The Heritage Foundation writes about Tax gimmicks and Tax doom, obviously an issue that our US Senate Candidate, Wendy Long, understands. How unfortunate for New Yorkers to be represented currently by a Senator who does not. You can change that in November! Get involved in the campaign to elect Wendy Long.

More on the dangers of raising taxes on investment income from the Manhattan Institute.

Soon you may see your tax dollars hard at work in Kenya!

You not only pay VP Biden a salary, you also paid him $20,900 in rental income to have the Secret Service protect him.

Timothy Geithner back in the news saying how Obama's policies are extremely successful! And what planet has he been on lately or maybe just drinking too much Kool-Aid? Seriously, how can he even say that with a straight face with unemployment so high? Here's another gem from Geithner: The economy can handle higher gas prices.

Here is another glimpse of President Obama's flexibility in his second term.

Former Democratic Congressman Kennedy alleges "Quid Pro Quo" for access to White House.
Hmmm, we asked the question last week if articles on George Clooney's visit to the White House and promise to host a fundraiser for President Obama should be filed under "Quid Pro Quo". Interesting.

City & State writes about the Conservative Party's influence. And some accomplishments.

Vote your values!

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