Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Heritage Foundation warns us of a bill in the Senate that seeks to tax Internet purchases. Unfortunately it has some RINO's as sponsors. As Heritage Foundation points out, this bill will only serve to keep money flowing into bloated budgets and not force states to cut spending.

Governor Cuomo issues Executive Order to create "health exchanges" in New York. A really bad deal for New Yorkers. Governor states in press release that it will be "entirely financed for by the federal government".... well, Governor Cuomo, just how does the federal government get its money? It takes if from us, does not give us a choice, just takes it!!! As we have said all this week, government agencies are not efficient, wastes our money (easy to do when you just take it), have unreasonable "perks", and creates an entitlement society. Well if everyone is entitled to everything....who will pay? Ask residents of Greece and the other European Countries that have gone overboard with entitlements. We won't even ask what will happen (to the health exchange) when Obamacare is struck down.....

E. J. McMahon writes about NY's complicated tax requirements and impending changes.

This coalition wants to raise you taxes and unfortunately they way they will use every trick in the book to try and sell campaign financing. They want public financing of campaigns...they want your tax dollars to go to people you may not support! They are balking at the continued use of their own money to get their friends elected and now they want you to pay for their left wing ideals. Don't be fooled into giving up more of your money. Publically funded campaigns use TAX dollars taken from you.

Why does President Obama pay women who work in the White House less than men when that is not the public message he sends.

If you want to have jobs available for young people, why would you raise the minimum wage? American Enterprise Institute explains why raising the minimum wage is maximum stupidity.

Conservative Party US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, wants to know if Senator Gillbrand will denounce Hillary Rosen's (unprovoked) attack on Ann Romney?

Ken Blackwell on Stand Your Ground laws.

More on the Buffett Rule posted in Red State.

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