Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As the day for filing tax returns approaches, the Administration calls for more taxes! Obviously they did not look at this chart. It seems to me that the only reason they want to enact a "Buffett Tax" is that they will use that to enact a greater amount on the middle class soon thereafter to continue to destroy the American Dream. Government programs did not make America the greatest nation in the world, economic freedom and individual liberties did. Mr. President stop lying to Americans, stop twisting the truth to play on people's fears, but most of all, stop the entitlement mentality you embrace.

What happened to the scalpel you were going to use to cut the budget? Two years into your administration is this is just one of the items your scalpel missed, if you even bothered to look since you have been on a huge spending spree.

Looks like the campaign will be waged Chicago style.

Since we "don't understand" Obama, Harvard will be teaching a class on how to understand the President.

Another Government agency trying to fix a major mistake it created. I just do not understand why so many people want government agencies to control everything when there are constant problems do to the size and scope of government.

Utah's Dept of Health hacked, personal information compromised.

New York's election fraud case in Troy, NY makes the national news and not a good news way.

NY's AG Eric Schneiderman set to review the NYPD's policies that keep us safe. Will he really let politics trump the public good?

This is controversial art? It really is sad that the art shocked some.

More from Michael Gaynor on our US Senate candidate Wendy Long.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

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