Monday, April 30, 2012

VP Joe Biden has given us some extreme remarks in his career as VP, but his boss, President Obama may have topped him with this one.

Everyone likes a person with a sense of humor, however, this is a little lowbrow for a President. What Bernie Goldberg thinks of a president being cool is here.

This from an "expert" on anti-bullying?

Must be an election year since he is gone rather quickly. When will Holder be forced to resign??

In 1990, the Social Security Trustee Report indicated the program would be exhausted by 2057, last weeks report indicated it would be broke by 2033. Benefits may have to be slashed by 25% unless some reform is undertaken. Read more here.

If your liberal friends can't visualize just how deeply the US is in debt, have them check out the Heritage Foundation charts. Maybe you could/should print them out and hand them to your family, friends and co-workers right around election day.

Tepid growth in our economy will not help our debt nor our Social Security problems.

While Michael Goodwin writes about big and bigger government in NYC, the truth is his column could be written about almost any city or state in the nation.

The NY Post deserves kudos for this.

Of course, this NY Post Editorial is good for our Party.

Thank you PepisCo.

Our candidate for U. S. Senate, Wendy Long, makes the news in Staten Island.

Thomas Sowell's part 2 of "Who Is 'Racist'?"

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