Monday, April 23, 2012

The NY Times has a very interesting article, Shift on Executive Power Lets Obama Bypass Rivals, a fair analysis of how many presidents write executive orders to accomplish their goals when Congress won't pass the legislation they have called for. What is important to understand, from this article, is what happens when the ability to do so is abused. Remember what President Obama said about having more flexibility after his reelection. He is already showing signs of abusing what an executive order should accomplish, think of what could happen if he is reelected.

What is going on with the Medicare Advantage Program? More here.

The Washington Times wants to know Where is the Recovery and the Heritage Foundation opines on the Bloated Government of America.

Nicole Gelinas on NY's next peril.

Governor Cuomo, didn't you learn anything from the failed solar energy companies and the loss of billions of tax payers money?

CATO has a report on the American Welfare State: How we spend $1 trillion a year fighting poverty and fail.

Wendy Long, running in the Republican primary for US Senate, explains how financial regulation is hurting NY. Michael Gaynor's take on what Wendy Long has to say about the Dodd-Frank reforms. Wendy's remarks gets the attention of

Wendy Long calls on Senator Gillibrand to acknowledge that her vote for the tax on medical devices should be repealed.

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