Thursday, March 31, 2011

Republicans say don't pay Congress for every day the budget is late.

Obama apologizes, wouldn't that be nice?

"Undoing an Election's Consequences" by Michal A. Walsh.

Giuliani, does he deserve a second chance?

New York, an on-time budget -- imagine that!

Bloomberg is whining about the budget, but most New Yorkers are breathing a sigh of relief that the Governor and Legislators did not add any new taxes. With the budget passed, we now need to concentrate on mandate relief!

Chairman Long on Cuomo "the real challenges...are yet to come."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Same sex marriage could be New York's next fight.

Knucklehead Chuck!

William McGurn writes about how the liberals killed Detroit.

Representative Tim Scott talks about cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 23 as a means of avoiding "killing" our country.

The House GOP stands strong on stopgap spending.

30 years ago today, we almost lost our greatest President. America should go back to his policies.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

E. J. McMahon writes that the NYS Budget is a welcomed change. The NY Post Editorial also thinks Andrew delivered, not everything, but as we also believe, it is a good first step. But we must also be vigilant since most reporting indicates that next years budget deficient projected to be $15 billion is now projected to be down to $2 billion...presuming the caps work. Governor Cuomo will not have an easy (not that it was this year) time doing his budget in an election year when legislators relish spending taxpayers money!

More articles on the budget are here, here, here, here, here and here, while the chief judge whines, and trial lawyers are happy.

Trade means jobs.

The Heritage Foundation and the Washington Times critique the President's speech.

The Washington Times also tweaks Al Gore.

A classic case of do as I say not as I do. (Would he have paid them if Roll Call hadn't written the article?)

Senator Schumer rehearses GOP attack.

Thomas Sowell examines the census figures.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Governor Andrew Cuomo certainly deserves credit by getting done what his two predecessors could not--- an on time budget that reduces spending by approximately 2% -- a good beginning for all New Yorkers.

Read about the probable agreement here, here, here and some reactions to it here.

New Yorkers hope this is true but we also need to know that we have not seen the end of spending cuts.

Rent regulations are not part of the budget and hopefully will not be expanded.

Congressional Democrats are asked what they would cut in this Heritage Foundation piece.

Fred Barnes believes the Congressional Republicans are winning the budget fight.

This idea should gain public support.

Should this article and what Media Matters is planning , be filed under "controlling the news"?

And while we are filing articles, the CBO's attack on drivers should be filed in the circular bin.

Now is not the time to entertain this idea, unless we overhaul the tax code by having everyone, yes, everyone, pay a flat tax.

Michele Malkin is not the only person who thinks Anthony Weiner is a hypocrite.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

I saw this on The Weekly Standard – can we make it permanent in 2012?

The Left continues to use the Japan earthquakes as an opportunity to lock us out of nuclear power.

Shaun Marie has posted several articles about this liberal crusade against Indian Point. What do you think? Is the earthquake in Japan a good excuse to close the Indian Point nuclear power plant? Give your opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

There are billions of reasons to shut down ObamaCare, which was signed into law one year ago this week.

A few liberals like New York's Anthony Weiner are celebrating – and fortunately conservatives in Washington are focused on repealing this Big Government monstrosity.

Don’t call the situation in Libya a “war.”

All this wordplay is more evidence that, as the Washington Examiner puts it, “Obama fails to grasp the gravity of going to war.”

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New York's Census numbers are official.

As April 1 comes closer, Governor Cuomo is reminding everyone that New York's budget must keep his proposed budget cuts.

Governor, the Ramapo Fault has been inactive for 10,000 years!

Without nuclear energy, what is the alternative?

Some suggested small steps for the federal government to take to decrease the deficit.

More on Obamacare.

File this one under really dumb ideas.

Another example of certain Senators, Chuck Schumer being one of them, not understanding the United States Constitution.

There are many lessons to be learned from Detroit.

More bad news on the housing front.

CUNY Professors need a lesson in civility.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is so good to know that President Obama (and family) came home a couple of hours early -- the Mayan ruins will wait for his next jaunt, when he reads the news, he will wish he stayed to see the ruins.

The Heritage Foundation lets him know that the more we learn about Obamacare ("celebrating its first anniversary), the less we like it. Sen. Ron Johnson has very personal reasons for not being a fan of Obamacare. Pete DuPont writes how it has been a very bad year. Grace-Marie Turner gives us more insight on Obamacare. This, however, will really upset Obama, when he reads how a once staunch supporter of Obamacare, is realizing how much it will cost his business.

President Obama, let me get this straight, you have a "legal obligation" under a treaty that was NEVER ratified. (Thank you, President Reagan!!) Maybe you should study the US Constitution, oh wait a minute, didn't you teach constitutional law? Thanks to Sen. Kyl for shedding some light on this and hopefully the rest of the Senate will realize its obligations.

Seriously? A perfect example of "Nanny-State gone wild", I really want to see a parent get a 12 year old in a booster seat!

Speaker Silver finally admits the truth.

The first seeds of mandate relief?

Michael Goodwin takes Sen. DeFrancisco and Sheldon Silver to task on their "med-mal" position.

Governor Cuomo may get his on-time budget, but if he gets his way on closing Indian Point, where will New Yorkers get their 2000 megawatts of electricity from? Not a good idea, Governor Cuomo.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Speaker, you could learn a lot from Texas! The question is, will you? While you, Mr. Speaker, are learning from Texas, you should really study the negative impact rent regulations have on the middle class.

Then you should reproduce the following Editorial to your Democratic Members, the Republicans already understand. So does Governor Cuomo.

Larry Kudlow on Caveat Emptor.

Stephen Moore on the White House budget.

The Heritage Foundation on Obama's lack of leadership and hope of failure regarding the budget. (Unfortunately for us, his lack of leadership and hope of failure is not limited to the budget.)

The Washington Times on Obama's nuclear negligence and injudicious nominees.

Should we file this under "do as I say, not as I do"?

This is a lawsuit that should be watched closely.

Is our economy relying to much on rare earth minerals from China who controls 95% of the market? Will the Mojave Desert save us?

If Obamacare is fully implemented in the US, where will future Baby Joseph's go?

My favorite Thomas Sowell columns are his "random thoughts" columns, this one does not let me down.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Heritage Foundation calls Obama "Spectator-in-Chief".

The CBO revised its analysis of the government's red ink and it certainly is not good news for taxpayers.

The President's poll numbers are plummeting.

Is an assistant attorney general the driving force behind AG Eric Holder's and the DOJ’s recent, most questionable racially motivated decisions? Even if Loretta King (no relationship to Dr. Martin Luther King) is the driving force, the ultimate decision rest on the shoulders of Eric Holder. More on the DOJ and its agenda. Don't forget to vote in our poll.

Amtrak and VP Biden.

Stephen Goldsmith critiques the progressive movement.

While the writer is from New Jersey he makes some very good points.

So does the New York Post Editorials on John Liu, hydrofracking, lessons from Miami, Congressman Weiner and the sharks vs. the gov.

Frederic U. Dicker gives us some insight on the problems in reaching a budget agreement.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

An interesting take on inflation from Lewis Lehrman of The Lehrman Institute. He documents what most of us are seeing in our own lives...

Since the beginning of 2009, oil prices have almost tripled, gasoline prices are up about 50 percent, and basic food prices, such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, have almost doubled around the world. Cotton and copper prices have reached all time highs; major rises in sugar, spice, and wheat prices have been creating food riots in poor countries, where basic goods inflation is rampant.

What’s the cause of this inflation – and who benefits? You’ll want to read it to find out.

Is the Obama Administration doing anything to make the situation better? Nope – just the opposite. He’s wrecking our economy with wrongheaded energy policies...

... he’s snubbing our allies in Latin America...

... and rather than focus on Iraq or Afghanistan, or what exactly the U.S. should be doing about uprisings in the Middle East, the Obama Administration is making “diversity” in America’s military a top priority.

Maybe it is best if he just sticks to golfing and March Madness...

But have we ever seen a President more disengaged and seemingly unprepared to handle the job than this one?

Even his bracket picks are wimpy. As the Times points out, Obama is “predictably avoiding controversy by choosing the four top seeds for the Final Four.”

Let’s hope Obama’s lack of leadership isn’t contagious. Now more than ever Gov. Cuomo needs to get tough with the public sector labor bosses – which makes this quite troubling...

Unfortunately Attorney General Eric Holder has been all too active in pushing his racially-charged agenda. The absurdity in Dayton, OH – where now F is a passing score for police recruits – threatens to hit New York's firefighters as well.

There’s outrage across the board. As the times notes:

“Even Dayton NAACP President Derrick Foward objected. ‘The NAACP does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed,’ he said. ‘If you lower the score for any group of people, you’re not getting the best qualified people for the job.’”

The DOJ is also going after New Orleans for being racist – with New Orleans’ blessing. Wondrous things can happen when liberals join forces with liberals. The problems found in New Orleans by Holder’s crew seem to include, among other things, that police aren’t shooting at enough whites.

The Conservative Party has been saying for some time now that Eric Holder has to go.

What do you think? Should he be fired? Give your opinion today in the new Weekly Poll. And have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It appears there is some optimism regarding the budget, then you begin to wonder when you read this article since Bill Van Slyke told Liz Benjamin this "the industry is going to be pushing hard for the med-mal piece to remain in the budget, which means they’re going to war against the trial lawyers and potentially the Assembly Democrats, too." If the med-mal component gets thrown own, Van Slyke said, it will leave behind a $240 million hole that needs to be filled.

Rallies continue to restore education cuts, Sen. Skelos and the Republican Majority stand strong on ending the "millionaires" tax.

File this under: Do not cross the Speaker.

Betsy McCaughey wants government to stop telling us where to die.

According to the NY Daily News, Governor Cuomo wants to shut down Indian Point. The New York Post Editorial wants some serious consideration given to how New Yorkers will get electricity if Indian Point is forced to close.

Is there a plan for the Feds to lower tax rates?

Human Events writes about Obama's doublespeak on energy.

The Heritage Foundation wants to know when will we stop funding failed programs.

The LA Times indirectly answers that question with this great article.

Say goodbye to any links to the NY Times after March 28.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real negotiations begin now...and others refuse to understand that the cupboard is empty, believing they will be included. SUNY and CUNY students (and their professors) demand more from taxpayers, but this Albany story, indicates to many, that by holding down a job to pay for their tuition it would benefit them and taxpayers. The story speaks for itself and yes, fortunately, not every student was involved, but I would make a wager that some of those in the videos were the same that demonstrated and demanded more money in the budget.

One of the reasons the budget is so difficult to negotiate is because it depends on -- and ultimately spends -- money it never receives. This article in the Buffalo News explains just a small part of the problem.

The Empire Center for New York State Policy wants full and open disclosure similar to their popular See Through New York website.

Jonah Goldberg writes about the nuclear meltdown as does the WSJ.

The Heritage Foundation has some justifiably harsh words for President Obama. So does John Podhoretz. The NY Post Editors think he has gone AWOL... he is not AWOL, it is the strain of being President that requires him to travel to Rio de Janeiro this weekend to be where he is very popular.

A bonus column by Thomas Sowell that you should give to all of your elected officials, especially if they are republican.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Through all the unfathomable devastation in Japan -- the people of Japan have not lost hope and there is no looting in the streets. How to help without getting scammed. Will Japan's need to repair the damage ultimately help Beijing?

Is this the third strike for Eric Holder? I guess he has already changed "baseball rules" since this is far more than his third strike and he is still in the batters box. Holder's reaction really should not surprise me...look at what his boss, our President, wants to do.

Obama doesn't want the Supreme Court to "fast track" Obamacare. (No surprise here either.)
Nor here: Dems refuse to cut government spending.

Rich Lowry on the Whinniest President Ever. But don't worry fellow Americans, our President has it all under least the trivial things.

Beware the Budget. More information on the budget. The Assembly Democrats still seek to punish the wealthy, while sparing over malpractice caps.

Conservatives endorse Assemblywoman Jane L. Corwin for the 26th Congressional District.

It must be Tuesday, Thomas Sowell's new column is here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday's New York Post Editorial is worth reading in case you missed it.

Today's NY Post Editorial writes about the tax than won't die and Kevin D. Williamson opines in NRO that there are not enough millionaires to fund all that the liberals demand.

Some in Europe warn America against greater regulations, higher taxes and centralized power.

Michael Goodwin reminds us that President Obama is in over his head.

Nicole Gelinas wants to curb union excess. The Washington Times on Unions show no class in Wisconsin.

The headline says a lot: Cuomo budget Plan Under Siege by Democrats.

Technology makes this easy.

Mark Steyn takes on Harry Reid.

The Heritage Foundation reminds us of some nuclear facts as we watch the devastation in Japan.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

The devastation in Japan serves to remind us how fragile life really is, our thoughts and prayers are with all of the men and women whose lives are forever changed by the ravages of the earthquake and tsunami.

Two men stand out this week portraying a quality that has been missing for a long time in politics.

Congressman Peter King stood strong despite intense pressure to cancel the scheduled hearings regarding the radicalization of the domestic Muslim community. The Washington Times reports on the hearings and National Review’s Rich Lowry applauds the fact that his critics exposed themselves as the hysterical fools they are.

The Heritage Foundation states the time to cut spending is now.

This just days after the Federal Government reported that in February the deficit was $222.5 B, the biggest one month deficit in the history of our history. At least the House is trying to cut spending but, more obviously must be done. Charles Krauthammer makes some good points on tweaking Social Security, while blasting President Obama’s administration for saying the Social Security Trust Fund is flush through 2037 when all of us know it is not. Krauthammer believes President Obama is preparing the ground to demagogue Social Security right through the 2012 elections. Krauthammer continues “The ad writes itself: Those heartless Republicans don't just want to throw granny in the snow, they want to throw granny in the snow to solve a problem that doesn't even exist! Vote Obama.” The questions becomes, will Americans fall for it?

How will Americans react to this: our President believes it would be so much easier to be the president of China.

Gov. Scott Walker is the other man who was in the news for the last few weeks and I consider a man who stood strong this week despite the threats heaped upon him by those who disagree with his policies.

He kept his word to the voters of Wisconsin and the rest of the Nation should consider his win as one for affordable government. Kudos to Governor Walker.

As the budget deadline nears here in New York, the head of the state’s most powerful union is gearing up for a fight to keep the “millionaires” tax, that Governor Andrew Cuomo has publicly stated that he will not extend. Let us know if you think Governor Cuomo will keep his word in our new poll.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to turn your clocks lose one hour of sleep Saturday night.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scott Walker in his own words. From Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader: Enough is enough. And from Michael Walsh: The Left's War on Democracy. The Heritage Foundation on Bravery and Common Sense in Wisconsin. And the outrageous response from some.

The New York Post Editorial Page on Peter King's Focus. A must read by Van D. Hipp, Jr., Chairman of American Defense International. Chairman Long is quoted in this LA Times piece on Congressman King. Peter King in his own words.

The State of Obama by Conrad Black.

Dems not taking debt seriously.

The Daily News Editorial takes Speaker Silver and his conference to task on the "millionaires" tax.

Another case of legislators without a moral compass or ethics. Laws on ethics can be written, passed and signed into law, but until the citizens who vote make their voices heard loud and clear that a candidate must have a moral compass, alas nothing will change. We have laws against killing, stalking, rape, and thankfully we do because we can at the very least remove those who commit the crime from society and legislators who break laws will be served justice as well. But it is also absolutely necessary for voters to make better choices.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin opines on LIFO. The WSJ believes Gov. Cuomo ducks and covers on LIFO.

For all his understand that jobs, jobs, jobs are an absolute necessity, will Gov. Cuomo put the breaks on some?

NYC Republican Council Members have a good idea.

Congressman Peter King has some strong support here, here and here.

Lawrence Kudlow is not worried about a government shutdown.

The Heritage Foundation on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

More on the CBO numbers.

More hidden problems in Obamacare.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.