Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Through all the unfathomable devastation in Japan -- the people of Japan have not lost hope and there is no looting in the streets. How to help without getting scammed. Will Japan's need to repair the damage ultimately help Beijing?

Is this the third strike for Eric Holder? I guess he has already changed "baseball rules" since this is far more than his third strike and he is still in the batters box. Holder's reaction really should not surprise me...look at what his boss, our President, wants to do.

Obama doesn't want the Supreme Court to "fast track" Obamacare. (No surprise here either.)
Nor here: Dems refuse to cut government spending.

Rich Lowry on the Whinniest President Ever. But don't worry fellow Americans, our President has it all under control....at least the trivial things.

Beware the Budget. More information on the budget. The Assembly Democrats still seek to punish the wealthy, while sparing over malpractice caps.

Conservatives endorse Assemblywoman Jane L. Corwin for the 26th Congressional District.

It must be Tuesday, Thomas Sowell's new column is here.

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