Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

I saw this on The Weekly Standard – can we make it permanent in 2012?

The Left continues to use the Japan earthquakes as an opportunity to lock us out of nuclear power.

Shaun Marie has posted several articles about this liberal crusade against Indian Point. What do you think? Is the earthquake in Japan a good excuse to close the Indian Point nuclear power plant? Give your opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

There are billions of reasons to shut down ObamaCare, which was signed into law one year ago this week.

A few liberals like New York's Anthony Weiner are celebrating – and fortunately conservatives in Washington are focused on repealing this Big Government monstrosity.

Don’t call the situation in Libya a “war.”

All this wordplay is more evidence that, as the Washington Examiner puts it, “Obama fails to grasp the gravity of going to war.”

Have a great weekend!

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