Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scott Walker in his own words. From Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader: Enough is enough. And from Michael Walsh: The Left's War on Democracy. The Heritage Foundation on Bravery and Common Sense in Wisconsin. And the outrageous response from some.

The New York Post Editorial Page on Peter King's Focus. A must read by Van D. Hipp, Jr., Chairman of American Defense International. Chairman Long is quoted in this LA Times piece on Congressman King. Peter King in his own words.

The State of Obama by Conrad Black.

Dems not taking debt seriously.

The Daily News Editorial takes Speaker Silver and his conference to task on the "millionaires" tax.

Another case of legislators without a moral compass or ethics. Laws on ethics can be written, passed and signed into law, but until the citizens who vote make their voices heard loud and clear that a candidate must have a moral compass, alas nothing will change. We have laws against killing, stalking, rape, and thankfully we do because we can at the very least remove those who commit the crime from society and legislators who break laws will be served justice as well. But it is also absolutely necessary for voters to make better choices.

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