Monday, March 21, 2011

The Heritage Foundation calls Obama "Spectator-in-Chief".

The CBO revised its analysis of the government's red ink and it certainly is not good news for taxpayers.

The President's poll numbers are plummeting.

Is an assistant attorney general the driving force behind AG Eric Holder's and the DOJ’s recent, most questionable racially motivated decisions? Even if Loretta King (no relationship to Dr. Martin Luther King) is the driving force, the ultimate decision rest on the shoulders of Eric Holder. More on the DOJ and its agenda. Don't forget to vote in our poll.

Amtrak and VP Biden.

Stephen Goldsmith critiques the progressive movement.

While the writer is from New Jersey he makes some very good points.

So does the New York Post Editorials on John Liu, hydrofracking, lessons from Miami, Congressman Weiner and the sharks vs. the gov.

Frederic U. Dicker gives us some insight on the problems in reaching a budget agreement.

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