Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are you aware that your paycheck is a national resource and not yours? I guess Michael Moore works for nothing.

Mr. Moore, Speaker Silver: France gets it right.

From the NY Times: Proposed Malpractice Limits Face a Fight in Albany. Jacob Gershman thinks the Cuomo Honeymoon is coming to an end.

Is the federal government really planning on scanning pedestrians?

The Heritage Foundation blames Obama for higher gas prices and the WSJ thinks it is time to get serious about American oil. Investor's Business Daily chimes in also.

The Washington Times does not mince any words when it writes: Obama is enabling jihad.

The NY Post thinks Governor Cuomo's LIFO plan could evolve into a fair compromise.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy isn't very impressed with the report by the New York State Mandate Relief Redesign Team. According to this, they will be meeting again. Let's hope so!

Patriot Guard to the rescue.

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