Thursday, March 17, 2011

It appears there is some optimism regarding the budget, then you begin to wonder when you read this article since Bill Van Slyke told Liz Benjamin this "the industry is going to be pushing hard for the med-mal piece to remain in the budget, which means they’re going to war against the trial lawyers and potentially the Assembly Democrats, too." If the med-mal component gets thrown own, Van Slyke said, it will leave behind a $240 million hole that needs to be filled.

Rallies continue to restore education cuts, Sen. Skelos and the Republican Majority stand strong on ending the "millionaires" tax.

File this under: Do not cross the Speaker.

Betsy McCaughey wants government to stop telling us where to die.

According to the NY Daily News, Governor Cuomo wants to shut down Indian Point. The New York Post Editorial wants some serious consideration given to how New Yorkers will get electricity if Indian Point is forced to close.

Is there a plan for the Feds to lower tax rates?

Human Events writes about Obama's doublespeak on energy.

The Heritage Foundation wants to know when will we stop funding failed programs.

The LA Times indirectly answers that question with this great article.

Say goodbye to any links to the NY Times after March 28.

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