Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real negotiations begin now...and others refuse to understand that the cupboard is empty, believing they will be included. SUNY and CUNY students (and their professors) demand more from taxpayers, but this Albany story, indicates to many, that by holding down a job to pay for their tuition it would benefit them and taxpayers. The story speaks for itself and yes, fortunately, not every student was involved, but I would make a wager that some of those in the videos were the same that demonstrated and demanded more money in the budget.

One of the reasons the budget is so difficult to negotiate is because it depends on -- and ultimately spends -- money it never receives. This article in the Buffalo News explains just a small part of the problem.

The Empire Center for New York State Policy wants full and open disclosure similar to their popular See Through New York website.

Jonah Goldberg writes about the nuclear meltdown as does the WSJ.

The Heritage Foundation has some justifiably harsh words for President Obama. So does John Podhoretz. The NY Post Editors think he has gone AWOL... he is not AWOL, it is the strain of being President that requires him to travel to Rio de Janeiro this weekend to be where he is very popular.

A bonus column by Thomas Sowell that you should give to all of your elected officials, especially if they are republican.

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