Tuesday, March 1, 2011

E. J. McMahon makes the case for a property cap.

And the NY Post continues to call for an end to LIFO. Michelle Rhee, the former chancellor of schools in Washington, DC and did a magnificent job until the unions ran her out, on LIFO. As of now the Senate Education Committee has reported the Bill (S3501-B) to the Floor for a vote.

New York is not the only state that wants/needs to change public pensions from defined-benefit to defined-contribution.

Wisconsin democrats are still in hiding....and many reasons why they are wrong and Gov. Walker is right.

Didn't candidate Obama promise to trim the waste in government spending....he couldn't find any of this in the last two years? Why am I not surprised?

House Republicans pledge to defend DOMA.

Justice Thomas speaks responds to critics.

The Weekly Standard on 2012. Stephen Moore on Blue States Blues.

The Heritage Foundation on Obamacare flexibility. The Bay State shows the risks of Obamacare.

Ambassador John Bolton does not approve of President Obama's handling of Libya.

Wisdom from Thomas Sowell.

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