Monday, February 28, 2011

Can we believe Speaker Silver when he says the millionaires tax is dead? Maybe he read this editorial, but I'm not totally convinced that he has, yet.

Read E. J. McMahon's article, then please be certain to vote in our poll, if you haven't already.

Michael Goodwin opines on the Wisconsin situation and the entitlement culture. More on Wisconsin here, here and Kim Stassel has a great story story on unions.

The NY Post Editorial, on Saturday, made it perfectly clear that the First Amendment should be respected.

The New York Post, wrote in its Sunday Edition, about 1500 teachers paid to do union business and miss class while paying another teacher to teach costing taxpayers twice. Are you comfortable with your tax dollars paying twice for one teacher to be in the classroom?

Please don't forget to contact your Senator and tell them you support S. 3501-B/ Flanagan. Click here for contact information.

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