Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Many of the pundits have written about the exclusive interview between President Obama and Fox News "superstar" Bill O'Reilly and they have dissected most of what they deem important...Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obamacare etc., all worthy topics to be analyzed. The WSJ does have a good piece refreshing his memory on taxes. However, I must observe one thing about the interview that I believe gives us more insight into Barack Obama than any of his other answers. At about the 8:50 minute mark, Bill O'Reilly asks the President what he believes the worst part of this job is...the President's reply astounds me. Essentially, the President believes the worst part of being President is being in a "bubble"...not being able to have a spontanious conversation with someone. Hmmm, I guess looking into the eyes of a soldiers' spouse or their parents when they have been severly wounded or sacrificed thier life is less difficult than living in a "bubble". Says a lot about the man. Sadly.

The Heritage Foundation on Big Government, Big Business, Big Problem.

Investor's.com believes his (Obama's) words do not match his deeds. Guess they are right according to the WSJ.

CATO has a great ad educating people (and Congress) on Constitutional Authority.

Bob McManus wants to know if Speaker Silver has met his match.

Thomas Sowell writes about the Judicial Activism ploy.

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