Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterday we posted Mitch Daniels speech at the Ronald Reagan CPAC Dinner, apparently Rush Limbaugh didn't approve of his presentation. Isn't it possible both men are right?

Budget deficit takes largest share of economy since 1945.

The Heritage Foundation on Obama's budget. Investor's.com on Obama's budget.

The WSJ takes on Obamacare again.

Mr. President, some advice on how to really get the economy moving.

DiNapoli on Governor Cuomo's budget. The important thing to focus on is making the necessary real cuts in the budget and not depend on "smoke and mirrors" to give the illusion of spending cuts. However, the cynical part of me has to ask the question, is the critique of the budget being done at the behest of the Assembly?

Thomas Sowell with some very good advice for all elected republicans.

Next time you hear the words "draconian cuts" think of this article.

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