Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-UP

The President certainly seems to have his priorities upside down this week – letting the International Community deal with Libya, while usurping the Constitution by giving the green light to the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act passed and signed into law in 1996. David Limbaugh goes even further than the New York Post Editorial and labels Mr. Obama as an “imperial president who is refusing to enforce a law passed by powerful congressional majorities while persisting in enforcing a law (Obamacare) that two federal courts have already invalidated. The only common denominator is that Obama believes he is the law.”

Regarding Obamacare, a proposal being considered is to let younger patients be the prime recipient for transplants, especially with kidneys.

So much turmoil abroad and here, President Obama, obviously needed a break with some good Motown Music.

Teachers, in Wisconsin, have a pretty good deal.

Leave it to the NY Times to have a misleading headline. Why couldn’t the Times say “Wisconsin Assembly Helps Taxpayers?

Charles Krauthammer is correct when he writes “Here stand the Democrats, avatars of reactionary liberalism, desperately trying to hang on to the gains of their glory years - from unsustainable federal entitlements for the elderly enacted when life expectancy was 62 to the massive promissory notes issued to government unions when state coffers were full and no one was looking.

New York has similar problems with its budget and the overwhelming costs that public sector unions impose on taxpayers. The Conservative Party believes that the Triborough Amendment eliminates incentives for good faith bargaining. Let us know what you think in our weekly poll.

Governor Cuomo appears to have avoided a major battle with the health care industry by forging an agreement to cut costs in Medicaid. The agreement still has to be adopted by the Legislature after they review the details.

Hope springs eternal and hopefully Spring is not far off. Enjoy the weekend, I know I will.

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