Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt and the failure of the Obama Doctrine.

Florida Judge gets it right, rules Obamacare unconstitutional. Judicial appointments by Presidents, not something that many voters think about when they are casting their votes for Presidents, leave their marks for many years...do you know who appointed Judge Roger Vinson?
More on Judge Vinson's decision by Betsy McCaughey (who spoke at our conference)

Seriously, how did the voters of California elect this man again?! Will he face a recall?

More Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics.

Newly elected GOP Freshmen are making their presence known.

We had six of the GOP Freshman call speak at our conference on Sunday and if you missed the conference you can see a video here and read about it here. (We will advise you when the conference is available on line.) A very special thank you to all our speakers and attendees for making this one of the best ever.

The Governor's Proposed Budget can be found here, his Op-Ed here. Some background on the budget can be found here. Initial reactions from those being cut are here, here and here. More to follow tomorrow.

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