Monday, March 28, 2011

Governor Andrew Cuomo certainly deserves credit by getting done what his two predecessors could not--- an on time budget that reduces spending by approximately 2% -- a good beginning for all New Yorkers.

Read about the probable agreement here, here, here and some reactions to it here.

New Yorkers hope this is true but we also need to know that we have not seen the end of spending cuts.

Rent regulations are not part of the budget and hopefully will not be expanded.

Congressional Democrats are asked what they would cut in this Heritage Foundation piece.

Fred Barnes believes the Congressional Republicans are winning the budget fight.

This idea should gain public support.

Should this article and what Media Matters is planning , be filed under "controlling the news"?

And while we are filing articles, the CBO's attack on drivers should be filed in the circular bin.

Now is not the time to entertain this idea, unless we overhaul the tax code by having everyone, yes, everyone, pay a flat tax.

Michele Malkin is not the only person who thinks Anthony Weiner is a hypocrite.

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