Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monday we questioned if we could believe Speaker Silver when the press reported that the "millionaires tax" was dead. We were correct in being skeptical; just 48 hours later, Speaker Silver is singing a new song.

LIFO passed the Senate (thank you for your support) and the NY Post urges Speaker Silver to do what is best for the students. Michael Goodwin continues the crusade to end LIFO. Even Michelle Malkin weighed in on New York's situation.

The Heritage Foundation has some thoughts on yesterday's GAO report on government waste.

Some good news: 64% of New Yorkers think the abortion rate is too high.

More on DOMA.

Victor Davis Hanson writes on "Our Schizoid Foreign Policy" Also from NRO "Obama's Unionization Push"

The perils of free speech. The United States Supreme Court has ruled on the gravity of free speech and while the members of Westboro Baptist Church may have won in Court, they will never win in the court of popular opinion. They should be totally grateful they were born in America, but they are so misguided, they most likely do not even understand the gift of being an American. I am certain that true Americans will shield grieving families from their despicable displays at military funerals.

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