Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Did you know that the proposed Immigration Bill spells out the hourly wages for immigrant farm workers?
The newly substituted bill adds 23 pages, making this one 867 pages long and filled with items that will get your blood pressure up.  There is a growing divide in GOP ranks as to the cost of the proposed bill which is likely to be a determining factor in its passage.  The Senate is in a hurry to pass the proposal, perhaps in the hope that we don't learn more about the pitfalls in the bill.

Mona Charen opines on Benghazi.  More on Benghazi from CBS News here.

Stop and Frisk declines by  51% in the first three months of 2013.  So far crime has not increased by the same percentage, and lets pray it doesn't.

Mayor Bloomberg will leave New York City with a mountain of long term debt.

About that pay inequity you keep telling us about Governor Cuomo, maybe you should read this to understand that the legislation you are championing for women is ill-advised as the free market system really does work.

Bill Hammond writes in the Daily News that Albany sleaze keeps oozing.   The Wall Street Journal has an article  on the 32 NY officials snared for corruption in the last seven years, yes, 32 in 7 years.!  No wonder the public has lost faith in their officials.  Corruption is rampant and all  Governor Cuomo wants is for the legislators to pass his "reforms". Well Governor, with a lot of fanfare, on August 15, 2011, you signed into law the "Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011" hailed as a new law to addresses major inadequacies in current ethics system to restore public trust in government.  Boy,  JCOPE (Joint Commission on Public Ethics)  has done a lot to restore public faith, hasn't it Governor.  Eliminating the Wilson/Pakula will do absolutely nothing to change the greed that drives the corruption in New York.  Your proposals are the same toothless tiger JCOPE is Governor.  Be bold, Governor, call for term limits, after all term limits won't effect you since you plan on running for President.  Be bold Governor, call for a Constitutional Amendment that would eliminate an officials pension,effective immediately after conviction of a crime associated with their official duties.  Not the watered down version in the ethics reform bill you signed in 2011.

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