Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If the NYS Dept of Tax and Finance can hold your return now, who is to say they won't find a reason to hold it until the budget morass is solved?

Rick Lazio said,"This money doesn't belong to Governor Paterson, Andrew Cuomo, or Albany politicians. It was earned by and belongs to hard working New Yorkers and should be returned to them." We agree and the sooner the better!

The one constant in the News these days is debt! More debt. Didn't see this in an American newspaper. On the first anniversary of the stimulus bill signing, does this make sense? Congress really should listen to the citizens of this great country, maybe then they would get more respect. Does VP Biden really get it finally? Or did they just "poll" to find out what to say?

The Heritage Foundation cautions conservatives on getting on immediate board for nuclear energy.

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