Thursday, February 25, 2010

New York's gubernatorial race is heating up. Following is Rick Lazio's statement regarding the New York Times article, in case you did not see it:

Rick Lazio said, "The inferences in the New York Times need to be investigated. If proven, they would amount to a grave abuse of power and call into question whether David Paterson can effectively govern. This happens to be the third front-page story that the New York Times has published within the past week. This coincides with David Paterson's public announcement that he will be a candidate for Governor. Taking nothing away from the seriousness of this matter, it is also important to ask how much of this was fed by and for Andrew Cuomo - as he is the main beneficiary of all three of these stories. If Andrew Cuomo is going to be investigating this matter, then the people have a right to know whether he or any of his agents had a role in spreading these stories. It's time for everybody to end their silence, come clean, and return to doing the people's work."

Speaker Silver weighed in, albeit not one word about AG Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg is glad Cuomo is on the case. You may consider that I am partisian, but Rick Lazio is right on the money with his statement. Andrew Cuomo is the beneficiary of all three stories and as such he should not be the person leading the investigation.

The Heritage Foundation on todays Health Care Summit. More on the, here, here and here. From the London Times on Line: Try to stay awake, the President has a healthcare Bill to pass. And from the Wall Street Journal on line: A Better Way to Reform Health Care.

Taxpayers have invested $10B in Yucca the President wants to close it before it opens? Military Chiefs resist end on ban. Mr. President, perhaps you should read more papers.

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