Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To those of you who attended our 43rd Annual CPPAC: We thank you for making this the largest conference ever and for the energy and genuine excitement for the upcoming elections that you brought to Albany. We will let you know when the Conference is available online in case you want to review certain sessions, or to listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano's rousing presentation again or if you were unable to attend.

Some press on the conference here, here, here and here. The WSJ on line edition has a story on Harry Wilson who also addressed our conference.

The Conservative Party's State Executive Committee urges Larry Kudlow to run for the U. S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Chuck Schumer.

The era of big government is back with a vengeance and this is just payrolls! Former NYS Lt. Gov. takes a look at President Obama's $3.8 trillion budget. Guess he is just taking advice from Rep. Clyburn.

Thomas Sowell writes about Politicians in Wonderland.

Ethics in Albany? If the person leading the opening prayer in the Assembly pleads guilty to child endangerment what should we expect?

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