Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Newspapers critique yesterdays legislative session here, here and here. Sadly, the special session did not cut spending, kicking the can down the road, once again. Unfortunately, they did cave to naysayers on hydrofracking for another six months.

Disregarding the fact that New York is operating in the red, the Members voted to create a Commission to Review Judicial Salaries. The self-serving statement by the President of the NYS Bar Association is here. Question for you Mr. Younger...do candidates know the salary when they vie for the position? Even after serving 14 years (without a raise) they (Supreme Court Justices) still seek re-election; can't be that bad financially.

Looks more and more like the Senate will change hands in January as Sen. Thompson concedes. Two seats in the Senate remain undecided; Oppenheimer appears to retain her seat while Johnson appears to have lost his. In the Assembly, former Assemblyman Kirwan is up by 146 votes and if he holds on to his lead, it will be major news as Speaker Silver will no longer have a veto proof majority.

Serious problems in the first congressional district in Suffolk County.

The NY Post Editorial opines on how the cigarette taxes fuel the black market to every ones detriment.

Obama's plausible beginning with some comments by leaders.

Thomas Sowell: Can Republicans Talk?

Could this, should this, be the winning idea for 2012?

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