Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gov. Paterson sets ambitious agenda for Monday. Governor-elect Cuomo is supportive of one of the items. Members must know by now that New Yorkers are fed up with the spending spree they have been on and must get down to business by making the necessary cuts, no matter how loud the special interest howl.

The Heritage Foundation has some thoughts on "pat downs" as does Josh Gerstein.

Americans want their Bush tax cuts. Wynton C. Hall has an alternative for those who, like Warren Buffet, want us to pay more.

Most Americans are happy with their present health care. Doctors, however, are running from Medicare.

Tired of junk mail in your computer? Be prepared for more.

Long term consequences are sure to follow this decision.

Michael Goodwin writes about "On Thanksgiving, we should celebrate being American" and of course, we do! While spending time with your families and friends this Thanksgiving, take a moment to thank our Veterans, both active and retired, for our freedoms are guaranteed by their sacrifices. Freedom is not Free and we are most grateful to those who make it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms granted by our Constitution.

Enjoy the weekend, we will return on Monday!

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