Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

The politics of the campaign season are over and the reality of governing is the topic of the days to come. As we noted earlier this week, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo is on record stating “no new taxes” and we applaud him for that. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I have asked him to roll back the increased fees New Yorkers and those visiting New York must pay on MTA facilities beginning December 30, 2010. In case you missed Good Day NY, this morning, you can watch it here.

President Obama is probably wishing that he could roll back time, as these past two weeks have not been his best. Last week the voters gave him a shellacking, and this week his economic view is rejected on the world stage, apparently he still does not get it as he claims his hand was strengthened in global dealings.

The Liberals continue to be in denial as they push Obama not to extend the Bush tax cuts while Obama’s Stimulus Waste Panel meets at the Ritz Carlton; no wonder they want more from taxpayers.

Congress returns on Monday to confront their unfinished agenda. Arthur Laffer’s column should be on their required reading list prior to any votes cast.

What will they do when confronted with the Deficit Commission Report when it is released in early December? Pelosi is already opposed to it; typical when it is not completed yet, reminds me of her statement on Obamacare.

It seems the conservatives in the Senate are not in total agreement as to earmarks. Sen. Jim Inhofe makes the case for them, while we know Sen. Jim DeMint is opposed to them. Both Senators scored 100% in the ACU’s 2009 ratings and both are consistent conservatives as reflected by their lifetime ACU ratings. Which brings us to our poll question of the week; do you agree with Sen. Inhofe or Sen. DeMint on earmarks?

Enjoy your weekend!

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