Monday, November 22, 2010

1199-SEIU and AARP are two organizations that really pushed for government control of health care and insisted on certain mandates. New we read that 1199-SEIU is making cuts to those they cover and AARP employees are facing increased costs for their health insurance; they really took all of us to the cleaners! If there is a next time, I hope everyone rejects their logic because they would never admit they are wrong. Some states are considering opting out of Medicaid due to the prohibitive costs and they do not cover all that New York State does...imagine, for a moment, what New Yorkers could save if New York's Medicaid program only provided the minimum federal options. Hope you are listening, Governor-Elect Cuomo. The Conservative Party will support you when it can and criticize you if you continue the out of control spending New Yorkers have been forced to pay for. Or balancing a budget, knowing full well, you won't collect the sales tax you say you will.

New York state is not alone in its fiscal morass, the feds have an incomprehensible way of trying to solve its spending problem, making it even more difficult for states to resolve theirs.

William Voegeli has an excellent analysis in NRO. And Republican leaders on Capitol Hill want to pink slip the Fannie and Freddie bailouts.

The Heritage Foundation supports Sen. Kyl on the START Treaty.

Anything hammered out by Congressman Henry Waxman is not good for Americans.

Another name from Buffalo making national news.

Saying "No" doesn't make you unpopular.

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