Monday, November 15, 2010

E. J. McMahon has some good advice for Governor-Elect Cuomo regarding the state's budget.

Some elections still undecided in New York State.

One of the reasons New Yorkers pay far too much in taxes.

Andrew Cuomo seems to be sticking to his guns on cleaning up Albany. (Hopefully his being on the Independence and Working Families Line won't color his judgement.) With all due respect to Sen. Diaz, do you think Speaker Silver would support his idea?

The Heritage Foundation on "A Failing Agenda Fails".

Sen. DeMint "I am a recovering earmarker", should be an interesting debate tomorrow. I wonder if they voted in our poll? Have you?

Congressman Rangel: You are a disgrace to the people you serve! Since he was just re-elected overwhelmingly his constituents should be reminded: you get what you vote for, it is unfortunate that the rest of us have to endure his disgraceful behaviour.

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