Monday, March 11, 2013

When will politicians stop raiding funds?  This is deplorable, thank you, E. J. McMahon for alerting the public to the fact that raiding funds is still going on, despite laws passed to end it. Raiding agency funds to close budget gaps is wrong and the Members of the Legislature must reject this proposal.

Governor Cuomo thinks nothing of raiding agencies to help balance the budget, but allowing hydrofracking that would truly help balance the budget and put people to work as well as help local counties, can't and won't be now.  Do you understand the logic? 

Governor Cuomo has benefited by the campaign finance law, in fact he is going to Florida to raise more money for his future campaigns, but he still wants to change them and make you pay for campaigns.  Time you all say no to this ill-conceived idea also. 

While the Governor is still riding high in the polls, his support is beginning to slip. 

No White House tours, but Mrs. Obama's 50th birthday party plans are well underway.  The Obama's have certainly their priorities in order.

What has the trillions spent on poverty programs done to help end poverty?  Not much. 

All I'll say on this, if that if they were employees of the RNC, the press would be all over this story demanding to know why.

The Heritage Foundation lays out 6 things the US budget should do here.

Aren't wages supposed to go up?  According to this report, they aren't.

Tomorrow is the last day you can register for National CPAC:  Click here for details.

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