Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did you watch any of Senator Rand Paul's democracy in action?  Americans should applaud his standing up for principle.  Kudos to those who stood with Senator Paul:  Cruz (TX). Lee (UT). Toomey (PA), Thune (SD), Barrasso (WY), Scott (SC), Cornyn (TX), Moran (KS), Johnson (WI), Flake (AZ), McConnell (KY), Chambliss (GA), Rubio (FL) and the lone democratic Wyden (OR).  (Sen. Kirk (D-IL) did bring and apple and thermos since he didn't speak,  I'm not certain if it was to nourish  Sen. Paul or help get him off the floor.)

If anyone has any doubt that yesterday's filibuster by Sen. Paul was necessary, you must read this.  Thank you to Sen. Cruz for demanding an answer.


Kirsten Day writes about "Cuomo's big abortion mistake" in today's NY Daily News.  It is good to know that Ms. Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life of America, believes "As a high-profile Democrat, Cuomo ought to be working to reduce demand for abortions (emphasis by cpnys) by increasing societal and economic support for pregnant women, particularly the poor and women of color. Instead, he seems bent on making abortion, which is already too common in New York, even more routine."

Governor Cuomo, while still popular, is beginning to lose upstate support.  And he certainly won't like this headline. 

Governor Cuomo wants campaign finance reform, in other words, he wants you, the taxpayer, to fund political campaigns even when you do not support the candidate.  Maybe you can sign up for his townhall on campaign finance reform and ask him "where will the money come from since the state still has a deficit" or "doesn't it really only help incumbents" or "the NYC campaign finance law allows candidates to pay their relatives, how will your proposal prevent this?  Will you be able to stop fraud?"  We are sure you can come up with a few more....don't let the liberals/progressives be the only ones on the phone....

Wise words in today's NY Post editorial:  "Republicans will not persuade New Yorkers to vote Republican by becoming liberal-lites. To the contrary, they need to stand by their ideals — and bring home to minorities, low-income workers and others normally written off that the GOP offers real alternatives that would benefit them and their families."  We, the Conservative Party, stands by our principles and our platform outlines ways to benefit all New Yorkers.

The NY Post also points out the need for affordable housing in NYC, another principle in our legislative platform.  Under HOUSING, (scroll to page 4) you will find this: The free market, not government controls, is the only way to have quality affordable housing."

Some coverage on yesterday's press release here and here

 From Cal Thomas' column:  Government doesn't lack revenue. Government lacks restraint.

From Michael Barone's column:  "Republicans are being attacked as irresponsible for allowing the relatively small sequester cuts to occur. But maybe that was the responsible thing to do. Maybe it would be responsible to cut spending even more."

Both columns echo what we have said for years:  Spending is the problem. 

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