Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The New York State Assembly is poised to pass a minimum wage bill today (see our memo's opposed to the bill here) and we urge the Members of the Legislature to read what the Heritage Foundation has to say about raising the minimum wage before casting their vote. 

Larry Kudlow speaks out on Sequestration.   And John Podhoretz writes "He did it to himself", while the Washington Examiner believes the President is bruised. Human Events makes a point.

A little late in posting this, but as the old saying goes, better late than never. 

Charles Gaspirano asked the question "Where is Chuck Schumer when you need him"    MIA and so is Senator Gillibrand and Governor Cuomo when it comes to the banking regulations that are harming New York's economy.

The DOJ continues to undermine families.   I would tell them to read this, Marriage and Politics,
but it would only fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.  Americans elected an Administration that believes government is your family and is doing all it can to end the American Dream that acknowledges the strength of family, not government.  

Pete DuPont is right:  The entitlement mentality can't survive a weak economy. 

John R. Lott, Jr., writes "What Motivates Mass Murders", certainly his words must be considered by elected officials.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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