Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More coverage here and here  on Saturday's Anti-NY SAFE Act rally in Syracuse, New York. Read the heart wrenching article of how one father of a fallen police officer fells about the NY SAFE Act.  Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review on line about Cuomo's Shameful  SAFE Act.  If Governor Cuomo, or for that matter certain Members of the Legislature,  think for one minute they can make minor amendments to the NY SAFE Act and have this issue go away, they are sadly mistaken.  By the way, the headline writers should have been in the amphitheater because those who were physically present estimated the crowd to be thousands, not hundreds. 

As you read today's blog the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the definition of marriage and laws that are doing their best to define and redefine what the definition of marriage is.  Yesterday the Heritage Foundation wrote about the marriage debate through the eyes of a child and today in the NY Post, Rich Lowry has a thoughtful op-ed piece as does the Post Editorial.

He's back taking your money again!!  NYC Comptroller John Liu is running for NYC Mayor and raking in your tax dollars....no wonder legislators want campaign finance, for every $175 in private donations, they can get $1050 from taxpayers.  Seriously, is this a system the hardworking residents of New York support?  Isn't it time to end campaign finance reform and not expand it through out New York State. 

Some of the items in this year's NYS budget being written about in newspapers here, here and here...your tax dollars "hard" at work. These are just three items (there are far too many to list)  but don't you seriously believe you would make better decision in spending your own money.   Albany is taking your money, not asking for a donation, it is taking your money and four men in a room fund their pet projects.  When will you say enough is enough?  Isn't it time to say stop taking my money to buy my vote!

Another broken promise by a politician and another possibly payoff for that broken promise.

George J. Marlin opines on the Governor's abortion plan. 

Before the NYS Assembly moves on MMA, they really should read this.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

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