Thursday, March 21, 2013

It is being widely reported that New York has an agreed budget that will be passed this weekend.  Tom Precious, writing in the Buffalo News, lets us know that precise details still need to be released over the next 48 hours.  Read his observations here.  Jimmy Vielkind, writes for the Albany Times Union, and his observations are here.  City and State point out the the NYC school system will receive an $890 million increase in school aid, but lament an additional $240 million in state grants linked to a teacher evaluation program are not included because the city did not complete the requirements. 

The NY Daily News says "there's no thrift involved in election year bonus"!

The NY Post slams the hike in the minimum wage.  And Bob McManus has an excellent column on how Governor Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York City.  (emphasis added to city by us.)

The Wall Street Journal calls the state budget "Cuomo's Job-Depletion Plan".

The WSJ also writes about the fuel shortage after Sandy. The 11th paragraph speaks volumes about the Cuomo Administration.

The Heritage Foundation opines on President Obama's Middle East trip.  So does Cal Thomas.

The New York Times writes about young opponents of same sex marriage and why they will not give up keeping marriage defined as between one man and one woman.

Mayor Bloomberg, you are 100% right!  The NYPD does not need another level of bureaucracy.

Real cause for concern!  Is Secretary of State John Kerry throwing America under the bus?

If the 2nd Amendment is ignored, will the 1st Amendment be next?

ICYMI:  Papa Cuomo does not approve of Pope Francis.

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