Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tax Foundation confirms what New Yorkers already know; our taxes are among the highest in the nation in almost every category.  Knowing this, Governor Andrew Cuomo and his compatriots in the Legislature are poised to extend for the second time the "temporary" millionaires tax first imposed in 2009 and renewed by Governor Cuomo in 2011.

Michael Saltsman writes about a Rotten deal on NY Wages

While Michael Solon's article in today's WSJ is written with regard to the federal budget, the bottom line is states should be applying the same principles to their budgets.  Governor Cuomo, you really should take Mr. Solon's advice. The Heritage Foundation also covers the federal budget in today's Morning Bell.
Governor Cuomo in no hurry to settle budget, insists the deadline is April 1, 2013 (he's right, but the Legislature is scheduled for two weeks off for religious services.)

Governor Cuomo, did you see this?  Requests for gun permits in Newtown, CT have increased since the horrific tragedy that took the lives of 20 innocent first graders and six of their teachers. 

This is precisely why American's are concerned about restrictions on our 2nd Amendment right. 

You can track the counties and towns that are opposed to the NY SAFE Act here.

When President Obama cannot get what he wants from Congress, he continues to do an end run around them.  I guess when you have a "taster" to check your food, you begin to believer you are royalty and can do whatever you please. 

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