Monday, March 4, 2013

What was City Council Speaker Quinn thinking?  "Innocent teenagers" and the City should pay up?  Is this the leadership becoming of a Mayor?  New Yorker's must be wary of this kind of thinking.  And New Yorkers should be questioning why people make certain endorsements....what is the motive?

Why is Governor Cuomo considering lowering the age to 18 to play "Quick Draw' in bars when you can't legally drink until you are 21?  Perhaps a better question would be:  Why the need to expand "Quick Draw" at all, why does the Governor have an insatiable need for money?  Turn off the spigot, spending is out of control.

Will hydrofracking ever come to New York?  Not if Governor Cuomo's former brother-in-law has a say, and he obviously had his say. 

The NY Post has a good editorial "Ethics for fun and profit." 

When did the politician's role become helping their friends and ignoring the cost to taxpayers?

Bob McManus has a good column in today's New York Post. Jimmy Vielkind, writing in today's Albany Times Union, seems to echo some of what McManus wrote.... very interesting that both have some of the same concerns.

George J. Marlin writes about LI Power: The political hot potato.

Forget Steve Austin's $6 million man, we have a $6 TRILLION man!

Will the President help Americans or will he continue to stifle the Keystone XL Pipeline?

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